Tangerine Partners Cosharis To Boost Car Insurance

Tangerine Partners Cosharis To Boost Car Insurance
Tangerine Partners Cosharis To Boost Car Insurance

Tangerine Africa, has announced a partnership with Cosharis Motors to leverage innovation that will make insurance more accessible in the automobile sector of the country.

Addressing journalists recently in Lagos, the Group Executive Director, Commercial of Tangerine Africa, Yewande Adewusi, said the company through its new partnership with Cosharis motors is committed to leveraging technology to ensure that insurance is accessible and affordable for all people.

She also said that the partnership will ensure that the insurance space is trusted by end-users.

Adewusi stated that the company’s intention through its partnership with Cosharis is to reinforce its quest to achieve wider inclusion and accessibility to insurance in Nigeria.

She said that the partnership is also in tune with Tangerine Africa’s drive for more enlightenment about the values and importance of insurance.

She declared, “Cosharis is a trusted brand in the automotive space and what we are trying to do in the market through this partnership is to seamlessly leverage technology to make insurance accessible, and affordable for all people. We get people educated about insurance and its value, anything you want to buy, you have to know the value. So, once we start educating the population about why insurance is important, it is not just something you must pay for because the government made you do it. You must see the value.”

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Adewusi stressed the need to bridge the protection gap, as insurance should not only be a last resort that people look for when a problem arises.

“Insurance is about making sure that emergency situations such do not upset your cash flow. It is there because you never know when you are going to need it,” she explained.

Earlier, the General Manager of Coscharis Group, Abiona Babarinde, noted that the company has painstakingly selected Tangerine as one of its new partners because of the value of trust it possesses.

He added that the firm has also proven reliable in terms of delivering value for money to customers.

Babarinde stated that Coscharis Motors wants to engage and delight its customers by giving them the value of trust through this partnership.

He noted that the motor brand has an array of vehicles that are very affordable to customers, ranging from Renault, Jaguar, Land Rover to BMW.