NPower Payment And Deployment News Today 17th December 2022

Npower News: FG To Revamp N-Power, Include More Beneficiaries

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In today’s NPower Payment And Deployment News Today 17th December 2022, Newsone Nigeria will be talking about the latest happenings in the Npower programme. So keep reading!

As the saying goes, whatever has a beginning has an end! So is the case of the Npower knowledge batch c stream 2 beneficiaries (North Central). The training for N-Knowledge which started in October 2022 at the Public Service Institute of Nigeria, Abuja has come to an end for the North Central beneficiaries.

The training started this time about 10 weeks ago, when young Nigeria youths were enrolled in various camps across the country, enthusiastic about learning and gaining professional skills and certificates under the N-Knowledge program.

Today, they have become certified professionals, ready to impact their immediate communities.

Nonetheless, while the Npower knowledge beneficiaries are completing their in-camp training, the graduate category of the Npower batch C stream 2 programme is patiently waiting hoping to get their first stipend payment this month of December since their enrollment in October 2022.

As regards the Work Nation and Next scheme for the exited Npower batches A, B, and C1 beneficiaries! Nothing new has been said regarding that yet. Until then, we advise that you stay tuned for new updates whenever they are released by the Npower management team.