Golden Penny FMN Iconic Brand, Excites Consumers With Its New Spicy Jollof Flavor

Flour Mills Nigeria (FMN

The iconic brand of Flour Mills Nigeria (FMN), Golden Penny has announced its newest flavor of spicy noodles-Golden Penny Jollof Hot Noodles. This new flavor by Golden Penny is reiterating Flour Mills Nigeria’s commitment to providing consumers with a wider range of delicious high-quality foods which meet their daily nutritional needs at an affordable price.


Available in 70g packs, Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot Noodles is fortified with protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it an excellent source of energy. Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot also comes with a special spice blend that gives it a spicy, tantalizing flavor, aroma, and savory peppery taste. The Head of Marketing of FMN, Mr. Ilyas O. Kazeem gave comments about the timely impact of this new Golden Penny Noodles.



He said “As a leading food brand in Nigeria, our goal is to continuously innovate and provide good quality products that impact positively, the lives of every Nigerian, as such Golden Penny affords Nigerians great tasting, superior quality, and nutritious food products. Our unwavering commitment to this mandate for over six decades endeared millions of consumers to our Brand and product range.



It is therefore based on this that we launched the new Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot noodles, to satisfy the unique taste profile and needs of our consumers. Also, the new Golden Penny jollof hot hot noodles flavour is launched at the right time as it allows consumers to enjoy the special hot Jollof flavour with their families, especially during this festive season. We would continue to evolve and innovate across all our value chain and products in line with our consumers’ feedback and product needs”. Mr. Ayokunle M. Iyiola, the Noodles Category Manager also gave his comments about the nutritional benefits of the product, saying “The new Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot noodles flavour has a rich blend of unique ingredients that gives a spicy and tasty Jollof flavor and colour.



The new noodles flavour is convenient to cook as it can be prepared within three minutes and can be fully enjoyed with or without additional food ingredients. It is a non-sticky, non-soggy, spicy, tasty, and nutritious meal that can be eaten at any time of the day, and as is customary of all Golden Penny products, the Jollof Hot Hot noodle is of superior quality prepared with our consumer’s dietary needs in mind”.





Golden Penny Jollof Hot Hot joins the already popular line of Golden Penny instant noodle flavors. Goat Pepper Soup, Chicken Noodles, Jolof Chicken Noodles. Golden Penny, FMN leading iconic brand in Nigeria’s food and agro-allied sector, is committed to providing the highest quality products to meet the diverse nutritional needs of families, groups, and communities through exciting Golden Penny products like Jollof Hot Noodles.