NANS Honours CEO, Owosquare Integrated Rescources, Engineer Wale 

NANS Honours CEO, Owosquare Integrated Rescources , Engineer Wale 
NANS Honours CEO, Owosquare Integrated Rescources , Engineer Wale 
The leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students(NANS) Southwest on Tuesday 17th of January 2023 paid a courtesy visit to Engineer Owolabi Wasiu Wale, CEO Owosquare Integrated  Resources and gave him a Humanitarian Award. 
Brand Spur Nigeria reports that the leadership was led by the Coordinator of NANS Southwest with some Comrades, Cadres, and National Cadres of the Association.

The visitation was to appreciate him for all he has been doing in the students community such as payment of Jamb registration fee for over 100 secondary schools students in
Southwest, payments of over 50 students’ school fees on a yearly basis and also supporting finalists financially to get their projects to work done.
The team appreciated this magnanimous act and awarded him a Humanitarian Award.
Speaking, the union said, “It is necessary to summarize and to reflect on him by honoring him with a humanitarian award.
“Engineer Owolabi Wasiu Wale is many things to different people, but to us, he is an irrepressible being who is committed to the universal principles of scholarship, a true patriot, and an indefatigable defender of the ethos and ethics of Live and let’s live.
“A man such as this deserves encomium and in the continuity of the act of benevolence, he has promised to do in reducing the number of School children.
“Engineer Owolabi Wasiu Wale represents an era in the history of goodwill and magnanimity such as giving scholarships to Nigerian Students and making live comfortable for Students with Special needs especially the ones with disabilities of any kind.
“As the voice of Nigerian Students, we remembered an iconic entity personified for permitting unfettered decisions and steps that enabled students and youth all over the country to be able to live up to expectations when it comes to self-empowerment.
“In summary; he has always been a true patriotic citizen that mirrors what a true unselfish being should be.
“He devoted a substantial part of his time to always making himself available in playing a mentorship role to students and youth within his community and beyond.
“He is also one of a few philanthropists that we know who have taken time to document their lives in a book so detailed and enthralling to read as he keeps maintaining the record.
“As representative of Nigerian Students and as part of our tradition and culture to celebrate men of high calibers who have done very well in all ramifications in making life bearable to people; we are so happy to be associated with this personality who has remained steadfast over time.
“We also use this medium to challenge another creme de la creme in the society and Nigeria as a whole to emulate him and start giving back to the community in order to reduce the poverty rate and also to reduce the number of out-of-school children.”
Engineer Wale is a nationalist per excellence who has remained consistent in giving scholarships and also making education affordable at all cost for over a decade now to both Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions Students.