YouTube is Testing New Hub of Free, Ad-supported Channels

YouTube Ad Revenue Set To Rise To $30.4bn
YouTube Ad Revenue Set To Rise To $30.4bn
According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, Video sharing platform YouTube is testing a new hub of free ad-supported channels that will show content from certain media companies.

The video platform which is in discussion with entertainment companies inviting them to incorporate their shows and movies into this new hub of cable-like channels has begun testing it with a small number of media partners.

A spokesperson describing this new hub, said “We’re always looking for new ways to provide viewers a central destination to more easily find, watch and share the content that matters most to them,”.

While reports also disclosed that the company could launch the new service this year to a larger audience.

YouTube, which has ad-supported movies already, is hoping that this new hub would provide users with a larger selection of free movies and shows to watch and also help the company compete with other free or low-cost streaming services like Netflix.

BrandSpur Nigeria earlier reported that the video-sharing platform, YouTube, was introducing a new partnership program that would include new ways for content creators and channel owners to make more from the platform with the new “Short Funds”, which would take effect from February 1.

This new partnership program provides creators access to share in the platform’s success as it keeps hitting new strides and providing better services for its users.