11 Plc Launches Radio Campaign For Mobil’s Super Lubricant

11 Plc Launches Radio Campaign For Mobil's Super Lubricant
Nigeria premium fuel and lubricant brand Mobil has launched its radio campaign through 11 Plc, its sole distributor for its consumers in Nigeria. This creative campaign by Mobil is aimed at further establishing its brand equity and educating motorists, mechanics, and other key stakeholders about its Mobil Super 2000 and 3000 selling points.

The campaign which is aimed at celebrating the best quality of its product was launched last month to create fresh awareness for all the various types of consumers they serve, and to emphasize its competitive and unique selling points.

Mobile lubricants have been known over the years to serve consumers by keeping their vehicles functioning at optimal lelevelsvel regardless of the driving conditions according to industry watch.

Mobil Super brand is a brand of premium passenger vehicle engine oils that give different levels of protection to consumers’ vehicles, giving them full confidence to drive in whatever conditions they encounter.

The Mobil Super 2000 is an enhanced premium semi-synthetic motor oil, meeting the latest industry standards in engine oil specification, designed to give premium protection and performance under demanding conditions.

Mobil Super 3000 like Mobile Super 2000 is a full synthetic engine oil designed to give maximum protection and engine wear designed for smoother acceleration under demanding conditions.

Mobil company’s vision is to be the number one business group in Nigeria in the areas of sustained service, quality, and reliability and to become the first brand of preference for Nigerian consumers directing maximum operations with excellent safety regulations and environmental compliance.

It aims at producing the best class of products, services, and solutions for customers with its focus on safety and environmental standards.

11 Plc understands that product quality and customer satisfaction are of primary importance to the value the brand offers.