Terra Seasoning Cubes Becomes Favourite In Nigerian Homes

Terra Seasoning Cubes Becomes Favourite In Nigerian Homes

Have you added the Seasoning cube to the food being cooked? “I have tasted it and there is no Seasoning cube in it, where is the jar of Seasoning cubes?” As simple as these statements sound, we may have used them on various occasions to describe cooking or meal experiences. Seasoning cubes improve the taste and aroma of any food it is added to and so when in 2019, Terra Seasoning Cubes was launched, it was designed to meet the palate requirements of the Nigerian consumer, especially in terms of taste, aroma and flavour.

Like a singer would instinctively know that he had crafted a hit song even before it is released, TGI Group, makers of the now fast-rising Terra Seasoning Cube knew that after months of conscientious toil, their new brand of seasoning cube would make an instant impact in the market.

Now, in 2023 — four years after launching Terra seasoning cube– the belief and conviction that initially inspired the creation of Terra seasoning cube appears not to have been misplaced as it has not only resonated with buyers and sellers in the market, it has gone on to become the preferred seasoning in Nigeria.

Any doubts as to claims that Terra seasoning cube is the country’s favourite has since been blown away by the result of a recent nation-wide survey by Allied Integrated Promotions Management Limited which confirmed this status.

While being honoured with the award as the Outstanding Seasoning Cube Brand of the Year at the National Quality Conference Award ceremony held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos recently, organisers of the event, stated that Terra Cube Seasoning won the hearts of millions of consumers all over the country because it satisfied their cravings of what a complete seasoning need for their soups, stews, vegetable sauces, jollof rice, etc., should be — heady, inviting aroma and a mouth-watering taste!

Consumers from virtually the country’s six geopolitical zones are lending credence to the product’s quality. Mrs. Victoria Egberi, a civil servant and housewife in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State cannot help testifying to the goodness of Terra Cube Seasoning.

“A friend introduced Terra Seasoning Cube to me in 2021. I had complained of too much salt in my former seasoning cube that I regularly used then she asked me to try Terra seasoning cube. I have not stopped using it ever since. I prefer the chicken variant,” she says.

Mrs. Katherine Obasi, a secretary and housewife who lives in Awka, Anambra State is not left out in praising the rich taste of Terra Cube Seasoning which she says has become a major staple in her kitchen since 2019.

“I didn’t know exactly when Terra seasoning cube was introduced into the market,” she confides. “But I remember that I switched from the former seasoning I was using to Terra a couple of years back. Ever since then, I have not stopped using the product. I particularly like the aroma and taste of Terra seasoning cube in my soups and stews,” she adds

Her stance on Terra seasoning cube is corroborated by Mrs. Grace Ibikunle, a Lagos-based trader who says she likes the shrimp flavour of Terra seasoning cube.

“Apart from the fact that Terra seasoning cube is easy to use, I really like the unique taste of Terra’s shrimp variant. And when compared with others in its category, it simply stands out for me,” she says.

It will not be difficult to get similar testimonies from a vast spectrum of users nationwide if interviewed.

That says a lot for a 4-year old product that has continued to push for a major share of the seasonings’ market in Nigeria.

Market watchers, including even the most conservative, have admitted that the success of Terra Seasoning Cube in the Nigerian market has been a result of a deliberate policy by TGI Group to carefully conceptualize, design, plan and commercialize a product which is now enjoying huge patronage by homemakers, chefs, caterers, and common folks alike.

Tastes differ, and so are choices.

While there appears to be a high acceptance level of the chicken variant in the country’s south and mid-west states like Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Akure and Benin City, there’s a marked attraction towards the beef and shrimp variants of Terra Seasoning Cube in both the northern and southeastern states of the country.

These differing patterns in taste and preferences are also replicated in nearly all the other regions of the country.

And that is not the whole story!

From the level of the hardly recognized brand it was in 2019, Terra Seasoning Cube has risen to a distinguished status, riding on the back of it’s unique taste, exciting aroma and flavour.

It’s other unique selling points, according to consumers are it’s affordability, positioning it as a pocket-friendly high-quality brand and its availability in various pack sizes suitable for every consumer – homemakers, chefs and caterers.

Market share indicators show that Terra Seasoning Cube has been appreciating steadily since the last three years, and there are even bigger signs of progress in 2023 if the percentage of growth it recorded in the outgone year is anything to go by.

Deepanjan Roy, Group Executive Director – TGI in his response gave a hint as to why the brand has achieved such remarkable success in so short a time to the painstaking attention paid to maintain high quality standards.

“For us at TGI Group, it is not only crucial to maintain the high quality that has made Terra Seasoning Cube the number one choice of consumers in 2022, but to work harder to ensure we maintain the quality and standard that would continually make the brand the choice of consumers,” he had said.

Probal Bhattacharya – Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group also seconded the stance on quality, saying he is delighted with the speed with which Terra Seasoning Cube has risen to the status of a major staple in the lives of millions of homemakers, chefs, caterers and all those who use it to enhance the taste of their food, while pointing out that the journey has just begun.

“The award is an assurance to us that we are on the right track to achieve the objective of providing consumers a seasoning that adds quality and value to their lives”, he said.

No doubt, Terra Seasoning Cube’s fairy-tale success story is a motivator. Building on that success in a highly competitive market with a long list of other brands is sure to task TGI Group’s ingenuity to the optimum.

If the brand’s vision is to be the leading seasoning brand in Nigeria, then the business must not relent on the brand’s present quality of unique taste, exciting aroma and flavour combination along with the associated consumer delights that it brings for the discerning seasoning cube consumer.

Terra Seasoning Cubes are made up of wholesome, carefully sourced essential ingredients specially designed to meet the discerning Nigerian consumers’ needs in every meal, offering unique taste, exciting aroma and flavour for that distinctive cuisine experience.

Every meal cooked with Terra guarantees an enjoyable meal and a rich signature homemade taste experience.

Available in Beef, Chicken, Shrimp and Jollof flavours, in various consumer-friendly pack sizes nationwide.


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