Zuckerberg Launches Subscription Service For Facebook and Instagram

Zuckerberg Launches Subscription Service For Facebook and Instagram
Zuckerberg Launches Subscription Service For Facebook and Instagram

Meta CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg have announced a new set of upgrades that will be rolled out on Facebook and Instagram this month. Mark, who announced this through his post on his Facebook account, on Sunday disclosed that Meta would be rolling out a paid verification subscription service like the “Blue Tick” for Twitter which is called META VERIFIED.


BrandSpur reports that this subscription service which will be rolled out on both Facebook and Instagram will allow users on the social media platform to become verified users which comes with many perks including a blue verification badge just like Twitter. He also disclosed that this new feature will not be available for free which was in the case of Twitter when it first began the “blue tick” but would cost $11.99/month on the web and $14.99/month on iOs.


According to Zuckerberg, this service will first be introduced in New Zealand and Australia this year before it becomes available in other countries.


The post on Facebook reads “This week we’re starting to roll out Meta Verified –  a subscription service that lets you verify your account with a government ID, get a blue badge, get extra impersonation protection against accounts claiming to be you, and get direct access to customer support. This new feature is about increasing authenticity and security across our services”.


Meta had initially given a “blue tick” to notable figures which included celebrities, business leaders, journalists, and politicians. However, this would not change or be taken away with the new META-verified upgrade which involves a subscription.


The new verification system would look a lot like Elon Musk’s “Blue Tick” subscription for Twitter which was announced in December after a delayed launch, and cost $8 dollars per month.


According to reports, users who subscribe to META-verified upgrades would be given exclusive stickers for stories and reels, and will also get 100 stars per month, or the digital currency used to reward Facebook content creators.


Business profiles can not subscribe to the verification badge yet and this also applies if an individual would like to change his or her profile name, username, birthday, or profile picture, they would have to restart the verification process all over again.


However, Meta verified unlike Twitter’s “Blue Tick” would require users to submit government IDs in order for their account to be verified, and it would also offer other security measures to prevent fake account creation.


Meta Verified subscription fee which seems higher than Twitter “Blue Tick” might help generate enough funds to offset the commission that both Apple and Google stores take for in-app purchases.

Zuckerberg Launches Subscription Service For Facebook and Instagram