Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital: EW-DP


The 5th generation of Sennheiser’s popular wireless microphone systems for camera use is here

WEDEMARK, GERMANY – Media OutReach – 17 April 2023 – At NAB, Sennheiser launches its 5th generation of Evolution Wireless systems for filmmaking and video applications. Purpose-built for content creators, filmmakers, and broadcasters, EW-DP is a fully digital UHF wireless microphone system with a new portable design and unmatched audio quality. At its heart is a compact, intelligent receiver that helps even novice users set up their audio with ease. The EW-DP EK receiver features an innovative magnetic stacking system, and can be conveniently controlled remotely via the Smart Assist app.

“On set time is the most valuable asset,” says Tobias von Allwörden, head of Sennheiser’s Audio for Video portfolio. “Therefore, we designed EW-DP such that it is intuitive and fast to set up and helps you to troubleshoot your system. EW-DP provides the reliability and consistency that you need in stressful filming situations and time-sensitive working scenarios.”

EW-DP’s magnetic plate allows filmmakers to simply (and securely) stack multiple receivers. Alternatively, the plate can be used with the provided clip to wear the receiver on the belt or attach it to the sound bag

Never caught off guard with Smart Notifications
EW-DP requires little RF or audio knowledge – if any issues should occur, the system will guide users with Smart Notifications that give tips for troubleshooting and show them where to fix a problem. The system sends alerts for audio clipping, low battery, occupied frequencies, muted transmitters, and unlinked devices – and all come with a suggestion of how to quickly solve the issue. “This guidance makes all the difference when audio isn’t your only responsibility on set,” comments von Allwörden.

Various powering options for long location shoots
The EW-DP receiver can be powered by a BA 70 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, two standard AA batteries, or via USB by a power bank, for example. Added to the variety of powering options is an exact read-out of battery runtime in hours and minutes to avoid surprises. Battery life is up to 12 hrs on the transmitters, and up to 7 hours on the receiver with the included BA 70 rechargeable battery.

Control via receiver or Smart Assist app
Automated set-up, operation and monitoring can also happen at a distance from the camera receiver – conveniently via Bluetooth using the Smart Assist app on nearly any iOS or Android device. In the app, auto frequency coordination creates reliable wireless connections for up to 16 systems on set, no wireless expertise required. Videographers can quickly and discreetly alter system settings across the room, and remotely override an accidentally activated mute button on the transmitter. The app also includes a support hub with video tutorials and detailed manuals.

A versatile tool: The SKP can be connected to dynamic and condenser microphones as well as lavalier mics with a 3.5 mm connector. Thanks to on-board recording, videographers have the option of having a safety copy of their audio on a micro SD card. Available from October 2023

“In our conversations with the peer group, many expressed the wish to have some sort of safety net for their audio,” shares von Allwörden. “So we fitted the plug-on with a micro SD card slot for 24-bit, 48 kHz on-board recording.”

The plug-on transmitter will be part of the EW-DP ENG SET, which will include the receiver, a bodypack transmitter, the ME 2 lavalier mic and the SKP plug-on transmitter.

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