Netizens Mock Blessing CEO As Mentees Desert Refuse To Come Up With N10m For Her Bail

Netizens Mock Blessing CEO As Mentees Desert Refuse To Come Up With N10m For Her Bail
Blessing CEO

Cybernut identified as Christine has asked why Blessing CEO’s ladies, who see her as a role model, have refused to come through to support her with the N10 million bail condition.

According to her, Blessing CEO revealed that she couldn’t afford the N10m bail, and understandably so, because she just had her behind worked on.

Recall that Blessing had inserted herself in the drama between businessman Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna aka IVD, and the family members of his late wife, Bimbo.

In a series of posts shared on her official Instagram page, Blessing pointed fingers at the elder sister of the late Bimbo and accused the family of going after IVD’s properties and his life.

Following her ordeal in police custody, netizens have shared different takes on the matter.

She claims that the influencer admitted she couldn’t afford the N10 million bail, which is understandable given that she had just had her behind worked on.

Remember how Blessing interjected herself into the conflict between IVD, a businessman, and the family of his late wife Bimbo

Blessing accused the late Bimbo’s family of pursuing IVD’s assets and his life in a series of posts that she shared on her official Instagram page. She specifically named the elder sister of the deceased Bimbo.

Following her ordeal in police custody, online users have expressed varying opinions.

partypackbymay2: “I think the bail conditions are too stiff “

posh_glam80s: “Na that her yansh I de sorry for.yansh we’re never get proper healing don go prison “

fabulosgloria: “Where is IVD? She got into this mess cos of him. Why isn’t he helping her?”

mz_barbss: “Real life Vs Social media… IVD no get 10 million to bail her? Last I checked he has a car shop.. Just give two cars up and bail your therapist.. Simple.”

onemindxgram: “No matter how Rich you act on social media with fake give aways and motivational quote when reality happen to you m, you will understand that Instagram life Vs Real life are two different world. Shishi no Dey.”

chi_bliss: “I personally do not like her, but I think it’s the Nigerian situation playing out here. Since when do you require 30m to bail someone out for cyberbullying? At this point, it’s just intimidation, and they’re riding on the dislike she has garnered on social media over the years.”