Investment Migration: The Structure Of A Due Diligence Process

Investment Migration: The Structure Of A Due Diligence Process
Investment Migration: The Structure Of A Due Diligence Process

The popularity of the “Citizenship by Investment” programs is at its peak popularity. Thousands of men and women are interested in investing in foreign countries to enhance their mobility and open new horizons in career, education, healthcare, and security. Let’s see how to undergo the investment migration due diligence process and get eligible to participate in such programs.

The Obligation To Undergo Investment Migration Due Diligence

You can become an official investor in a foreign country only in case the governmental authorities approve your case. It goes without saying that countries benefit from government citizenship-by-investments programs. It is a way to raise funds and attract foreign investment. However, the process has to be safe. The government can’t grant anyone a new passport. Thanks to the investment due diligence process, the new applicants prove that they are not connected to frauded/criminal/illegal activities.

The due diligence process permits official authorities of a foreign country to minimize the risk of potential criminal acts. This process of bypassing due diligence can be pretty challenging for new applicants. You can use the services of Global Citi-Zen, which is a safe partner and consultant in CBI immigration law. You will undergo a detailed investigation and will collect all the needed documents to ensure the legitimacy of your application.

What Does the Structure of the Due Diligence Process Look Like?

The due diligence process for the investment migration involves a detailed investigation of an applicant and his or her associates. Such an audit can ensure the authenticity of all the provided documents. Due diligence is an essential step before approving citizenship for a foreign investor. That is why, if you plan to become a prospective investor in the country of your choice, there will be no alternative options to the due diligence process.

How Long Does the Due Diligence Process Last?

The due diligence process is one of the most essential parts of Citizenship by Investment immigration law. This governmental investigation focuses mainly on minimizing the risk of criminals applying for a second passport. An applicant has to demonstrate proof of available funds and an official financial statement. Official authorities review an applicant’s background content, personal investments, financial statements, and any kind of environmental issues which are connected with the company’s activities. You have to be ready for the check of your tracked money flows, terms on agreements, and the official company’s management.

Who Will Handle a Due Diligence Process?

In most cases, it takes approximately 2-3 months to get your documents checked. Specialized third parties perform fundamental analysis and the needed follow-ups to ensure your application’s legitimacy. After the check, a detailed report will be generated for each and every potential investor. You have to be ready for an additional remote interview in case your provided financial information has to be clarified.

What Is The Average Cost for Due Diligence?

The due diligence cost will depend on the citizenship program to which you would like to apply. You should not count the due diligence process toward the original investment deal. According to Global Citi-Zen information, you can expect an approximate price of $5,000-$10,000 for CBI programs in the Caribbean. If you target European CBI programs, the price will grow up to €15,000 with an additional €10,000 for every dependent in your application file.

What Are the Main Stages of the Official CBI Due Diligence Process?

Every foreign investor is requested to disclose the most up-to-date information to successfully undergo CBI due diligence.

  • The 1st Stage: it is the initial due diligence investigation or shortly IDD. The official agent conducts the first check as soon as the applicant has paid the initiation fee. The agency initiates an assessment in order to determine any potential risks, focusing on the main financial aspects of the applicant.
  • The 2nd Stage: a new foreign investor gets a new case file, which includes the required documents. Now your file will be investigated by the investigating unit to ensure that all the mentioned funds are 100% legitimate. If you pass this stage, you have a high chance to get your second passport shortly.
  • The 3rd Step: The Government approves your investment decision. Make sure that your case will be monitored and evaluated during the next few years. If you involve your business in any kind of illegal activity, your new passport will get revoked immediately.

When you start the due diligence process, there is a certain checklist to follow:

  1. Identification/verification.
  2. Business affiliations.
  3. Source of funds/investments/richness.
  4. Reputation.
  5. Regulatory/legal issues.


Investment migration is a common practice. It is an efficient way to build long-lasting richness and get access to a more comfortable life. It permits an applicant to obtain a lot of advantages such as high standards of living, safety, international mobility, and the best educational/business opportunities. Before you start the process, do proper research to be well-informed of the way the due diligence process happens there. If you pass the official investigation, you will receive the desired citizenship and will be ready to start a new life.