Rapid Physiocare Singapore Upgrades Its Suite Of Treatments

Rapid Physiocare Singapore Upgrades Its Suite Of Treatments

Rapid Physiocare is breaking new ground in Singapore by launching its latest treatment offering: cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, introduced in reaction to the increasing concerns set by the rise in cardiac-related ailments in recent years.



In light of the recent spike in cases where patients experience long covid symptoms such as pneumonia, persistent dry coughing and respiratory distress, this service can act as a significant preventive measure to reduce these symptoms. Rapid Physiocare believes that this addition will further its suite of services towards being more well-rounded and comprehensive in different specialised aspects of treatments for its patients and reflect its commitment to a high standard of care.


Taking it to Heart


Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy is a sub-specialty that specialises in treating patients who suffer from cardiopulmonary disorders, such as conditions pertaining to their circulatory (e.g. heart) and respiratory systems. Recognising that it is vital to take proactive measures towards prehabilitation and recovery, Rapid Physiocare launched its new cardiopulmonary rehabilitation service. This new service will be led by senior principal physiotherapist Pradha Rajoo, who will employ her 18 years of experience in physiotherapy to provide the utmost well-rounded care.


Tailored to Fit Every Individual


Rapid Physiocare provides a personalised, one-on-one approach to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation treatment. As such, this new service is designed to help individuals to rebuild and optimise the functions of our heart and lungs. While the core of the CP rehab is exercise training, a variety of techniques such as stress management, education on risk factors and lifestyle( e.g. smoking cessation and diet), psychosocial support are also part of a comprehensive CP rehabilitation. Most of these recommendations require individually tailored plans targeted at the patients’ unique circumstances and personal capacities. The one-on-one sessions with experienced physiotherapists allow them to monitor and alter the intensity of exercises according to each patient’s unique needs. What’s more, patients will gain a deeper understanding of their body’s limits and potential even after they exhibit a particular condition, enabling them to exercise safely on their own with confidence.


Holistic Care, All in One Clinic


With shockwave therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, chronic disease management, exercise prescription, and paediatric physiotherapy already in the repertoire, Rapid Physiocare hopes that with the inclusion of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation treatments, it will be even better equipped to help patients achieve optimal physical health and wellness.