Inaugural Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program concludes successfully Sees Female University Students Emerge as New Social Leaders


Top Three Performers Will Visit Hang Lung Business in Shanghai to Facilitate Exchange between Hong Kong and Shanghai Students

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 9 June 2023 – The “Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program”, initiated and organized by Hang Lung Properties (SEHK stock code: 00101) (“the Company” or “Hang Lung”), held a graduation ceremony today in Hong Kong in conjunction with its partner, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Leadership Institute, bringing the inaugural program to a successful conclusion. Since the launch of the program, around 180 female university students from across the nation have participated and received over 6,300 hours of training and mentorship. 90% of the students have successfully completed the program. Among some 70 Hong Kong students, the three top performers will meet with Mainland students and mentors in Shanghai next week, as well as visit Hang Lung projects in Shanghai to learn more about opportunities on the Mainland.

Ms. Louise Ho Pui Shan, CDSM, CMSM, Commissioner of the Customs and Excise, once again shows her support for the “Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program” by attending the graduation ceremony and sharing her experience in a personal dialogue with participants

Ms. Louise Ho, Commissioner of Customs and Excise, understood the perplexities and challenges faced by young people while growing up and shared her personal experience and advice. She believes that young people should first set realistic ideals and goals. Then, they should formulate clear and feasible plans to achieve these ideals and goals, and utilise time wisely for self-improvement. Lastly, they should focus on their own development and steer towards their own ideals and goals and refrain from shortsightedness for quick success. Ms. Ho encouraged young people to keep an open mind and show their talents in the Greater Bay Area so as to become pillars who contribute to the country, serve Hong Kong and open to the world. She hopes that the mentors and mentees of the “Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program” will grow together, take challenges as opportunities and gradually realise their goals.

During the dialogue session, a mentee enquired about how to utilise the “toughness” and “softness” qualities of women in the workplace. Ms. Ho explained that the balancing of “toughness” and “softness” means to draw on the strengths of both qualities to complement each other, and the balancing can be applied to family education, corporate management and personal development. By striking a balance between the two qualities, one can display confidence and strength while exuding charm and emotional intelligence. Whether outwardly tough but inwardly soft or vice versa, a strong woman also needs to take care of her softness inside. It is important that the management team should balance authority with benevolence and maintain a humane touch while upholding principles.

Awards are presented at the graduation ceremony to participants who excelled in their sustainable community projects. Mentors and program participants share how the needs of the community can be addressed through their actions and how the well-being of society can be improved

Mentees of the “Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program” agreed that the program has been crucial in broadening their horizons, encouraging them to be better prepared to face the future. Jane Wong, a year one student from The University of Hong Kong, and one of the outstanding participants of the “Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program” said, “The program is an initiative that empowers and motivates young females to step out of their comfort zone, and fosters the development of their leadership capabilities. After the series of activities and projects in the program, my self-assurance has been notably augmented, leading me to firmly believe that women can join forces with other females in the community so as to collaborate to innovate and create constructive societal impacts. I am very grateful for the substantial support and encouragement that my mentors have given me throughout the past six months.”