OPPO Announces Last Call for Proposals to the 2023 Inspiration Challenge at VivaTech 2023


OPPO joins a number of technology start-ups at VivaTech to show how innovation can create a better future for all

PARIS, FRANCE – Media OutReach – 16 June 2023 – Viva Technology – the biggest startup and tech event in Europe, which brings together business leaders, startups and investors each year –took place over four days from June 14. OPPO returned for the second consecutive year to announce the final call for entries to the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge and showcase some of the success stories from last year’s inaugural Inspiration Challenge.

Rabinovich Adi, OPPO Technology Strategic Planning Expert

OPPO Empowers Last Year’s Inspiration Challenge Winners to Turn Inspiration into Impact

A total of 536 proposals from 39 countries and regions around the world were submitted to the 2022 Inspiration Challenge. Of these, OPPO has since gone on to support 18 teams to further implement their ideas. At this year’s VivaTech, OPPO invited the winner of last year’s Inspiration Challenge, Alango Technologies, and the Europe & Israel Regional Challenge winner, Sign Now, to share their experiences participating in the 2022 Inspiration Challenge.

Alango Technologies, a leader in the field of digital sound enhancement technologies for voice communication and immersive audio experiences across real-life scenarios, won last year’s OPPO Innovation Challenge with their proposal, BeHear line of concept consumer electronics products. This visionary hearing solution seamlessly integrates Bluetooth earpieces with state-of-the-art digital audio algorithms, delivering a range of exceptional assistive hearing devices that redefine the hearing-impaired users’ experience across diverse real-life scenarios.

Dr. Alexander Goldin, Founder and CEO of Alango Technologies, expressed immense pride in claiming the title of the 2022 Inspiration Challenge winner, stating, “Winning the competition was an exceptional moment for us.” He further added, “Since our victory, we have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with OPPO, joining forces to create a captivating promotional video. Moreover, we have utilized the prize money to refine our algorithms and expand the scope of our applications. Participating in the OPPO Inspiration Challenge proved to be a rewarding journey, allowing us to forge a close partnership with one of the world’s top consumer technology companies and seamlessly integrate our innovative solutions into mainstream electronic devices.”

Hila Almog, Head of Community of Sign Now, speaking with sign language

The Startups Working with OPPO to Build a Better Future with Technology

With the startup community being the source of some of the world’s most cutting-edge innovation, OPPO invited SolCold — a world leader in outdoor cooling coatings research and development — to share their experiences in innovation at VivaTech.

“Given the pressing issue of global warming, where the sun’s heat cannot be dissipated by our planet, our innovative solution can achieve outdoor cooling with zero carbon emissions by reflecting, converting, and releasing heat,” said Yaron Shenhav, CEO and Co-founder of SolCold. “Together with OPPO, we are now working on discovering additional uses for this innovative coating on mobile devices.”