Market Research’s Evolving Role As A Strategic Partner In Brand Planning

Market Research's Evolving Role As A Strategic Partner In Brand Planning

Bateleur Brand Planning has become a thought leader and strategic partner in the rapidly changing fields of brand planning and market research by promoting the value of opinion research in this field.


Their strategy is based on a profound understanding of the market, the workforce, and the transformative power of informed decision-making, according to managing director Gordon Hooper.


In a world that is evolving quickly, the capacity to adapt and change is crucial. Hooper emphasizes the significance of the ‘opinion research’ approach, which reveals the attitudes and perspectives of the workforce and the market. “It is important to gauge what people in the workplace and in the market think. What actually occurs is influenced by what people believe. Opinion research is a crucial tool for gaining access to these insights and is essential for comprehending the needs and perceptions of consumers, according to him.

The application of opinion research by Apple Inc., which has enabled them to tailor their products to consumers’ needs and established them as a dominant player in the global marketplace, demonstrates the effectiveness of this strategy.


This emphasizes how crucial it is to comprehend how the market views a brand and the role that understanding plays in optimizing products, modifying pricing, and enhancing service delivery.

Hooper emphasizes that internal data alone is not sufficient to understand the market. He continues, “We may have a lot of internal data about our customers, but without research, we typically don’t know who/what else our customers are using or why.”

To effectively leverage data and transform it into usable information, market research professionals must go through a series of steps known as the brand planning journey. These steps entail examining the available data, selecting the last few crucial, targeted questions that must be answered, and then rounding out the picture with consumer-related insights.

But in the complicated and frequently unpredictable world of 2023, it gets harder to understand people. False news and social media echo chambers make it difficult to hear the actual opinions of the silent majority. Thus, gathering truth and insights for market research becomes even more important.

Hooper offers a practical strategy for dealing with unfavorable criticism. He suggests using unfavorable reviews to find issues with a product, pricing, or service.