Tinubu Exposes Multi-Billion Naira Tax Fraud In Maritime Industry

Servicing Debt With 90% Revenue Could Spell Doom

Reports have emerged that maritime practitioners which include ship owners are owing the Federal Government several billion in tax liabilities accumulated over the past 10 years.

BrandSpur Nigeria reports that President Tinubu through his Special Adviser on Revenue, Zacchaeus Adedeji in a bid to recover the huge sum of money, have met with the industry practitioner and they’ve agreed to set up a technical committee to resolve the issue with some recommendations as seen below

1. The technical committee will look at the concerns and reconcile the back taxes and set the process that will ensure compliance going forward

2. Ship owners would be given a three-month grace period to come to a conclusion on how to pay their debts.

3. Grace period of six months where the FG won’t enforce any of the laws just to allow for reconciliation of the debt. (No vessel or ship will be detained or delayed during this period).

On his part, Zacchaeus Adedeji also acknowledged concerns about compliance timing and potential enforcement but emphasized the government’s commitment to swiftly resolve the issue to avoid disruptions in the flow of goods both within and outside the country.

Many people have kept singing the praise of President Tinubu for getting right to work after taking office. According to popular opinion, the President is leading the nation towards grandeur, which is obvious in his audacious actions since May 29.