Enjoy Domino’s Pizza Guaranteed Delicious Offers This June


The month of June presents an opportunity for beautiful experiences filled with fun and beautiful moments to be shared with loved ones.

Enjoy Domino’s Pizza Guaranteed Delicious Offers This June

Domino’s Pizza has come with just one mission this month and that is to make the month a more delicious one as you share all the fun. Domino’s with our constant effort to improve your cheesy experience brings to you all, her amazing customers with offers to guarantee just that. A month that truly guarantees deliciousness.

With Domino’s Pizza, you can’t go wrong with our numerous locations that have all you need to make June an even more special month. Just walk into any of our Domino’s Pizza stores or place an order on the website www.dominos.ng OR call 090-8888-9999 and for the month of June you get completely free deliveries, a guarantee of both value for your money and your best mouthwatering experience.


You haven’t seen the last of the Smallie Pizza campaign which took place in an amazing way across Nigeria, Domino’s is bringing you a beautiful follow up experience in this month of June with the Domino’s Value Range Deal” deal that gives you the best of deals and having something for everyone. Starting with the SMALLIE + PEPSI from N1200 and Value Range Pizza + 1 Pepsi for N2900 for the month of June.

Also in June is the  “BBQ-PIE Deal” that gives you her amazing customers any Medium BBQ Chicken/Beef Chicken Pie or Pepperoni from N3200 and a whole array of offers.


Now to ensure family fun experience we give you the MAXI Combo Deal which is enough to feed 3 people with any Large Classic & 50cl Pepsi. A truly special offer for the entire family.


Still on family time, something special for a larger family in June is the Chairman Combo” deal that gives you any Extra-Large Classics and 4 Pepsi 50cl from N7,800 enough for 8 persons.


These offers run for the entire month and some. From the 5th of June to the 2nd of July, visit any Domino’s Pizza store near you or order yours through the official Domino’s Pizza website www.dominos.ng OR call 090-8888-9999 to place your order & get it in 20 minutes, delivery guaranteed or you get a FREE medium pizza voucher!! It’s easy, convenient, and you get MORE SAVINGS with such a pocket-friendly offers. Available in ALL branches, nationwide!



To check up on other amazing deals visit the official Domino’s Pizza Nigeria website www.dominos.ng and place your order and have it delivered to you in 20mins or you get a FREE MEDIUM CLASSIC PIZZA VOUCHER.