Nexus & SPARKD: Combining Science, Innovation And Fitness


Nexus International School (Singapore) collaborates with SPARKD to bring brain fitness to a school in Asia for the first time and pioneering a programme specifically for young children.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 27 June 2023 – In a collaboration between Nexus International School (Singapore) and SPARKD, brain fitness was brought to a school in Asia for the first time. This project combined the expertise of Sarah Cole, Head of Primary Physical and Health Education at Nexus, and Anna Milani, Founder and CEO of SPARKD, the leading brain fitness gym hub in Singapore, to co-create an innovative brain fitness programme for young children. Not only was this a partnership between two industry experts, it was also an opportunity for two good friends of over ten years to pursue a common goal of exploring new realms and investigating innovative ways to improve learning and the overall wellness of individuals.