Nestlé Professional Empowers Food Vendors To Foster Economic Growth

Nestlé Professional Empowers Food Vendors To Foster Economic Growth

Nestlé Professional, a leading provider of food solutions, continued its mission to foster economic growth and empower local food vendors in Nigeria with the successful hosting of the Business of Food workshop in Ilorin.

The event brought together over 300 enthusiastic participants, including food vendors, chefs, canteen and restaurant operators, and culinary school students, providing them with invaluable training on enhancing their food businesses.

The comprehensive workshop covered various crucial aspects of the food industry, ranging from culinary techniques and menu planning to customer engagement and good hygiene practices.

Seasoned professionals generously shared their expertise and best practices, offering participants a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders.

Addressing the participants, Mrs. Funmi Osineye, the head of Nestlé Professional business in Nigeria, said: “This workshop is aligned with our vision to foster economic growth in local communities. Our aim is to equip local food vendors with the essential knowledge and skills to grow and sustain their businesses.

We believe that in addition to practical skills, local entrepreneurs need a supportive environment where they can thrive. We, therefore, designed the workshop to include networking opportunities where participants can exchange ideas, share their experiences, and build valuable connections within the industry.

We are confident that the training today will equip the food vendors, chefs, canteen and restaurant operators as well as the culinary school students to excel in the business of food.”

The live cooking master class conducted by renowned OAP (On-Air Personality) Olushola Folake Mutiat was one of the workshop’s highlights.

Mutiat expertly demonstrated the fundamentals of Wanke, a popular West African dish made from a blend of rice and beans, using the flavorsome combination of Maggi Chicken and Maggi Star seasoning.

The captivating session captivated attendees, providing them with new insights into creating delicious and culturally significant meals.

Adding to the excitement, the workshop also featured an exhilarating cooking competition. Divided into two teams, ‘Chicken’ and ‘Star,’ participants engaged in a friendly rivalry to create the best jollof rice dish.

Mrs. Olayinka Atoyebi, President of the Association of Caterers and Restaurant Owners in Ilorin, expressed her gratitude to Nestlé Professional for their initiative in organizing the workshop. She acknowledged the tremendous opportunity it provided for association members to acquire new skills and improve their businesses and livelihoods.

Several esteemed catering schools, including IVTEC, Ajase-Ipo, Imi-Ini Venture, and Best Apple Treat, were also present at the event. Culinary school students expressed their appreciation to Nestlé Professional for the chance to learn directly from accomplished industry practitioners.

Mrs. Osineye concluded by affirming Nestlé Professional’s unwavering commitment to supporting the growth and success of food vendors in Nigeria.

“We aim to uplift the local food industry, promote entrepreneurship, and create a positive impact in communities,” she declared.