Tracka Calls Out Sanwo-Olu Over Crumbling Road Infrastructure In Lagos

Tracka Calls Out Sanwo-Olu Over Crumbling Road Infrastructure In Lagos

Tracka a user-driven platform, tracking the implementation of government projects in communities for transparency and accountability has called out Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu over the bad state of inner roads in the center of excellence.

In a series of twitters accompanied by photographs, Tracka pointed out the poor condition of the roads.

Tracka said via its Twitter handle that the “Lagos State, the ‘Centre of Excellence,’ is plagued with dilapidated roads that have made life unbearable for residents. The repair of these roads demands immediate attention, as you promised Lagosians a better and easier life during your second term,”

Accompanied by a thread of visual evidence, Tracka showcased a selection of roads across various local governments in Lagos state that have caught their attention due to their deteriorated state.

Many people living in neighborhoods with bad roads corroborated Tracka’s revelation using social media.

“I feel really sad driving around Alimosho. My vehicle’s bumpers are in bad shape,” said Lucky Ogiebo, using the Twitter handle @Logiebo1.

The residents think the current neglect of the roads is all the more painful because they gave the current government some of the highest votes possible.

“The same Alimosho gives APC the highest votes in general elections. If you come to Ikotun, you would cry for the residents as they keep voting for the party that marginalizes them. There isn’t a single road in Ikotun,” said Adekunle Michael, with username @adekunlemichael.

Similarly, SUBZERO!🇳🇬, with the handle @Subzero721, tweeted, “Festac is far gone and long abandoned! It’s almost a failed estate now… nothing seems to work any longer. FTRA keeps holding one meeting after another. We don’t even know who to hold responsible, whether it’s @SenGbengaAshafa or @followlasg. It’s indeed an SOS situation!”

“The traffic jam on this road has become ten times worse,” tweeted Jaydon (@Jaydon225). “It now takes upwards of 45 minutes every day to travel a distance of less than 500 meters because of the poor state of this road. And this is just one section of the road.”

“We are suffering badly,” he continued. “This is the current state of just two parts of Okota Road. Several sections of the road are in similar conditions. It’s so terrible that vehicles have abandoned the side in front of Zenith Bank and have to use ‘one way.’ It has been like this for at least two months, and nothing has been done about it.”

Adetunji Thomas, using the Twitter handle @tunjimas, directed his message to Governor Sanwo-Olu, saying, “Boda Jide @jidesanwoolu, this is St. Finbarrs’ College Road Akoka, a road leading to Unilag from Bariga as of Sunday, July 9, 2023. The Akoka Community Development Association now contributes money to acquire rubble to fill the road. What a shame!”

The concerns raised by Tracka and residents on social media highlight the urgent need for action to address the crumbling road infrastructure in Lagos. The public awaits a response from Governor Sanwo-Olu to fulfill his re-election campaign promise which he themed “Lagos is Rising”, anchored on improving the lives of Lagosians and transforming the state’s road network.