9mobile Pledges To Give Priority To Subscriber Data Protection

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9mobile has once again affirmed its dedication to safeguarding the information of telecom subscribers on its network, describing this as of utmost importance and non-negotiable.

The telecommunications network made this pledge during the IOT West Africa Conference and Exhibition held in Lagos.

Karn Gulati, Director of Strategy and Transformation at 9mobile, emphasized the company’s commitment to customer data security and privacy, as well as its role in leading digital transformation, during a panel discussion titled “Utilizing the 5G Technology and Infrastructure in West Africa – The Future of Telecom”.

Gulati explained that 9mobile fully complies with the requirements of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), which mandates that technology companies operating in Nigeria store data within the country. This ensures that all customer data remains within Nigeria and is subject to local regulations.

Elaborating on how 9mobile achieves this, Gulati stated: “To combat cyber threats, we employ various measures, including conducting real-time attack simulations to identify any potential risks to our mobile network infrastructure. These simulations enable us to address vulnerabilities and proactively mitigate risks. Additionally, we provide guidance on remediation to address existing threats in our network based on their level of priority. We also implement comprehensive inspection plans to maintain robust security protocols.”

As a brand focused on customer satisfaction, the director affirmed that the telecommunications company’s main objective is to proactively secure data and implement strict measures to protect against cyber-attacks.