Fuel Subsidy: Plans Underway To Review Minimum Wage — Tinubu

Minimum Wage
Fuel Subsidy: Plans Underway To Review Minimum Wage — Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has disclosed that plans are underway to review the country’s minimum wage.

The President on Monday, while addressing Nigerians in his nationwide broadcast, revealed that the federal government is working with labour unions to introduce a new national minimum.

While acknowledging the hardship created by the removal of the fuel subsidy, TInubu said salaries of work would be reviewed upwards.

He said, “In the same vein, we are also working in collaboration with the Labour unions to introduce a new national minimum wage for workers. I want to tell our workers this: your salary review is coming.

“Once we agree on the new minimum wage and general upward review, we will make budget provision for it for immediate implementation.

“I want to use this opportunity to salute many private employers in the Organised Private Sector who have already implemented general salary review for employees.

“Fellow Nigerians, this period may be hard on us and there is no doubt about it that it is tough on us. But I urge you all to look beyond the present temporary pains and aim at the larger picture. All of our good and helpful plans are in the works. More importantly, I know that they will work.

“Sadly, there was an unavoidable lag between subsidy removal and these plans coming fully online. However, we are swiftly closing the time gap. I plead with you to please have faith in our ability to deliver and in our concern for your well-being.”

Speaking further, the President said “In a little over two months, we have saved over a trillion Naira that would have been squandered on the unproductive fuel subsidy w,hich only benefitted smugglers and fraudsters. That money will now be used more directly and more beneficially for you and your families.

“For example, we shall fulfill our promise to make education more affordable to all and provide loans to higher education students who may need them. No Nigerian student will have to abandon his or her education because of lack of money.”