Publiseer Launches Advance For Creators To Receive Royalties Early

Chidi Nwaogu, CEO at Publiseer, speaking at the AyadaLab program

Publiseer will support their creators with the funds that they need to invest in the creation of their content so that they don’t have to wait for their new content to take off and start making money. These creators can spend the advance on anything they choose, including on promotion.

“Publiseer will work closely with its top ten-percent earning creators to agree on a suitable advance amount. The return payment will be automatically allocated from the monthly earnings of the creator until the advance amount is completely repaid,” says Ifeanyi Obiania, a Content Review Manager at Publiseer.

“Once the advance amount is repaid, the creator is free to request another advance or to receive their monthly royalty payments as usual. The Publiseer Advance Program is currently open to a select number of creators, and these creators must have been on the Publiseer platform for a minimum of two years.”

Backed by Institut Français, the Goethe Institut, the Jack Ma Foundation, and Alibaba Foundation, Publiseer is a digital platform that helps independent and underserved African writers, musicians, filmmakers, and video game developers, typically those from low-income and disadvantaged communities, to earn above the minimum wage and live above the poverty line from the sales of their creative works.

Publiseer achieves this by helping them distribute, protect, promote, and monetize their creative works worldwide, at no charge, with just a single click, and the digital platform shares in the revenue it generates for these creators, which in turn goes back into helping more creators in Africa.

When Publiseer accepts a creator on its platform, Publiseer fine-tunes their creative works to industry standard, so that the creator stands a chance to compete on a global scale. Then Publiseer distributes it to its over 400 well-established partner stores so that the creator is easily discovered.

Publiseer also protects this content from illegal distribution and intellectual property theft, so the creator truly owns the content. The creators can monitor their sales performance on Publiseer’s centralized dashboard, and receive their royalties via African-tailored payment methods, such as into a local bank account or through a mobile money wallet.