#BBNaijaAllStars: Biggie’s Parrot Exposes House Secrets (VIDEO)

#BBNaijaAllStars: Biggie's Parrot Exposes House Secrets In Big Brother Naija All-Stars (VIDEO)

The eighth season of Big Brother kicked off with an intriguing twist as an enigmatic parrot effigy made its way into the house, capturing the housemates’ attention from the start.

Recently, this enigmatic ornament added to the excitement by speaking up for the second time, leaving the housemates in awe and sparking another round of surprises.

On a Thursday evening, the talking parrot once again took centre stage, revealing some well-kept secrets that sent shockwaves through the house. One of the most significant revelations involved Doyin, drawing everyone’s attention.

In a candid exchange, the parrot shared a conversation that unfolded as follows: “I am happy Doyin and Ilebaye finally fought. Doyin was the one messing up her mind.

Why do you think Venita calls her puppet master? She is a tormentor, she has been instigating Ilebaye. Doyin is a dirty and stinking girl. I can say this in front of her parents. They failed as parents.”

The parrot’s disclosure didn’t stop there. It went on to reveal another conversation, adding more fuel to the fire: “I was liking the fat idiot Kiddwaya before, but I don’t like him anymore. I want to go and kiss again.”

This candid statement prompted a response: “Girl, just make sure you don’t lose your man because these boys here are not serious. I can kiss whoever I want to kiss; it’s just a kiss. Your man is understanding; my man is not.”

The conversation continued with, “Today, Ike was talking to me that we can play a game together, we can be together. I said, Bro, you cannot handle me. If we are together, you are going to be kneeling down, sucking my toes every day, so you cannot handle me. My man will be so embarrassed watching this.”

The parrot’s unanticipated role in airing these concealed discussions has injected an electrifying jolt into the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, prompting introspection, apologies, and inevitably, more talk.

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