Grand Opening of World-class Hakka Expo in Taiwan: Weekly Nonstop Performances for you to feast on

TAOYUAN, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 11 August 2023 – From August 11 to October 15, the 2023 Hakka Expo officially welcomes all the guests to visit Taoyuan, Taiwan, with the theme “Travel to Tomorrow.” Taking advantage of its smart city features, the Expo will present the diversity of the Hakka people by opening up a dialogue between new technology and the future.

Various types of performances will be held in each exhibition area on each weekend during the event period.

There will be lots of performances every weekend during the event period. In the much-anticipated show, “Into the 1895 – The Story of Hakka,” dancers will use their physical skills and props to interact with fire through the combination of Hakka poetry and literature to create a poetic beauty between stillness and movement. In addition, pop singers and groups from various countries will gather at Taoyuan Hakka Music Festival, while the “Hakka Symphony” will render magnificent harmonies of Eastern and Western instruments. “So Young Taoyuan Is!” will bring together a variety of hip-hop, pop music, and DJs for you to enjoy!