Five Ways Aquafina’s New Advert Drives Brand-Consumer Affinity

Five Ways Aquafina's New Advert Drives Brand-Consumer Affinity
Aquafina's Advert

Storytelling has transcended advertisements’ conventional role of mere product promotion. To leave a lasting impact in today’s world, a brand must forge personal connections that align seamlessly with the immediate physical and emotional needs of its target audience.

The new Aquafina Padi of Life advertisement serves as a perfect illustration of how a brand can authentically resonate with consumers’ reality. We take a look at five ways the advert strikes a natural and special chord with the consumers:

Brand Identity: Establishing brand loyalty often involves allowing consumers to identify with your brand’s values. Aquafina’s new advert mirrors the average human experience, highlighting our fundamental requirements for genuine friendship, support, assistance, proper nutrition, and overall well-being, all of which characterize Aquafina as a premium bottled water. A brand that resonates on a personal level is more likely to come to mind when the need arises.

Consumer Engagement: This advert has been driving consumer engagement even before its official launch. Through the popular reality show, Big Brother Naija, Aquafina assigned the All-Star housemates a unique task: describing a fellow housemate who defines true friendship, utilizing Aquafina’s brand values such as purity, freshness, clarity, premium quality, nurturing, refreshment, and trustworthiness. These narratives stirred emotions within the house and prompted the show’s audience to share relatable stories across various social media platforms.

A Helping Hand: The Aquafina advert delivers a crucial message that extends a helping hand and seeking assistance from others is both acceptable and humane. In a particular scene, Nollywood actress Jemima Osunde is depicted struggling to lift a heavy bar bell in the gym. Music artiste, Young John, not only offers unsolicited aid but also presents her with a bottle of Aquafina for refreshment. The message underscores our interconnectedness, emphasizing Aquafina’s role in nourishing and rejuvenating our bodies.

Health Consciousness: While savoring life’s pleasures, the Aquafina advert underscores the importance of health consciousness. Following her gym session, Jemima Osunde contemplates indulging in a calorie-laden cake, but Aproko Doctor intervenes, directing her attention to a bottle of Aquafina instead. Water remains the body’s ultimate ally in maintaining well-being.

True Friendship: Aquafina’s Padi Of Life ad series swiftly solidifies the brand’s association with friendship in the eyes of consumers. The latest ad encapsulates the attributes of a true friend and portrays the lengths they are willing to go to support their cherished companions.

Notably, the renowned Cookathon record holder, Hilda Baci, imparts cooking instructions to Jide Kene through a video call, highlighting the invaluable assistance we seek from friends who may be far away. Trusting that they will be there for us, regardless of distance or circumstance, is what defines the ultimate Padi of Life. Similarly, Aquafina water can be relied upon for optimal body nourishment.

Manufactured by Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC), the makers of Pepsi, Aquafina is committed to providing pure and invigorating hydration to Nigerians. With a steadfast commitment to fostering positive connections and nurturing meaningful relationships, Aquafina has become synonymous with unity and the celebration of shared life moments.