Monster Gets Zero Sugar Variant

Monster Gets Zero Sugar Variant

Introducing Monster Zero Sugar, a sugar-free variant of the brand’s Original flavor, is Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP).

According to the supplier, the new product launch, which has already been well received in the USA, takes advantage of both the rising demand for sugar-free options as well as the ongoing demand for traditional energy drinks, which account for 55% of the market.
Currently valued at £545 million, Monster has grown its sales by £92 million while maintaining a 20% volume growth rate over the last year.

This makes Monster the major energy drink brand in Great Britain with the fastest growth rate, according to Nielsen data.

In order to engage core Monster fans, Monster Zero Sugar’s can design pays homage to the original flavor. It will be offered as a single and in a four-pack starting on September 4.


Since its initial release more than 20 years ago, Monster Original has been a steadfast favorite and a standout sales driver for retailers, according to Pippa Collins, associate director of commercial development at CCEP GB. “We wanted to develop a zero-sugar energy drink that matches the recognizable flavor of Monster Original due to the persistent consumer demand for sugar-free energy drinks and the strong performance of our Ultra range as the top sugar-free energy range in GB.

We’re confident that Monster Zero Sugar’s introduction in the UK will energize the energy fixture and assist retailers in boosting sales because it has already demonstrated to be incredibly well-liked in the US.