Starry Escapades With inDrive: Celebrities Take The Wheel In Dar es Salaam

Starry Escapades With inDrive: Celebrities Take The Wheel In Dar es Salaam

Regular rides are turning into unforgettable star-studded experiences for the passengers of Dar es Salaam’s leading ride-hailing platform, inDrive. In an unprecedented initiative, local celebrities and influencers are coming on board – quite literally – giving riders a delightful surprise and a journey to remember.

Among the stars leading this captivating campaign is the charismatic Burton Mwemba, popularly known as Mwijaku. With his compelling presence across Tanzania’s media through Clouds FM and Clouds TV, Mwijaku’s rides have undoubtedly become a major highlight of this initiative.

On this unique endeavor, Mwijaku shared, “This is not just about giving a ride, but about making connections, sharing stories, and above all, surprising and delighting our fans. Partnering with inDrive for this has been an exhilarating ride in itself!”

Meena Ally and Iddy Muller, two other influential figures in the local entertainment scene, are also quoted celebrating the novel approach inDrive is taking. Meena Ally remarked, “In a world where we crave genuine connections and surprise elements, inDrive’s initiative brings a refreshing twist to the ordinary.”

Iddy Muller further added, “When the unexpected meets entertainment on a routine ride, you know you’re in for a treat. Kudos to inDrive for blending mobility with entertainment in such a unique manner.”

Godfrey Mabula, Business Development Representative for inDrive East Africa also expressed immense satisfaction at the response and said, “It’s thrilling to see our platform go beyond mere transportation, fostering community ties and creating memories. We look forward to more collaborations that offer our passengers unmatched experiences.”

For those in Dar es Salaam hoping for a brush with stardom on their daily commutes, inDrive is the app to keep an eye on.