VIDEO: Hilda Baci Shares Secrets To Earning N4 Million Monthly As A Chef

VIDEO: Hilda Baci Shares Secrets To Earning N4 Million Monthly As A Chef
Hilda Baci

In a recent and captivating TikTok video that has taken the culinary world by storm, renowned Nigerian chef and restauranteur, Hilda Baci, divulged her top tips for raking in an astonishing N4 million per month as a chef.

The video, which quickly went viral, captured the attention of aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike as Chef Hilda conducted a cooking class, offering a glimpse into her expert knowledge and success in the culinary industry.

During the class, Chef Hilda emphasized the importance of having a clear vision and a well-thought-out strategy for achieving culinary success. She spoke passionately about her journey, highlighting that her love for cooking had been the driving force behind her remarkable accomplishments.

One of the most striking pieces of advice she imparted was the potential for chefs to generate substantial income by teaching culinary skills and techniques. According to Chef Hilda, sharing one’s culinary expertise through cooking classes, workshops, and tutorials can be a lucrative source of revenue. She encouraged aspiring cooks to explore this avenue, citing that it had the potential to yield millions of naira.

Furthermore, Chef Hilda Baci touched upon the concept of owning a catering business, which, according to her, could be a significant source of income for chefs. She revealed that a skilled chef with a well-established catering business could easily earn over N4 million every month, underscoring the immense possibilities within the culinary industry.