SBI Media Group Celebrates A Decade Of Innovation Global Impact

SBI Media Group Celebrates A Decade Of Innovation Global Impact

SBI Media Group, Africa’s leading global media agency, has announced the celebration of its 10th anniversary of revolutionising the media landscape.

SBI Media Group was founded in 2013 by Rotimi Bankole.

A statement from the group said the agency’s success story was built upon the pillars of innovation, bravery, and thought leadership.

“Over the past decade, SBI Media Group has evolved from a one-man team into a dynamic conglomerate with more than four subsidiaries and a team of over 100 seasoned marketing professionals,” the statement said.

It stated that cementing its position as a global player, SBI Media Group aligned itself with Stagwell Global, a transformative marketing solutions platform with a presence in over 40 countries worldwide.

It noted that the partnership with Stagwell Global empowered the agency to harness new heights of creativity, innovation, and global outreach, positioning it as a trailblazer in the marketing industry.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of SBI Media Group, Rotimi Bankole, said, “The journey to our first decade in business has been marked with sheer bravery, hard work, and collaborative efforts from our colleagues, partners, and associates around the world. This collective positive energy has shaped the SBI Media Group to what we have today.

“As we look ahead, I am confident that the next decade will witness a new generation of leaders leveraging the SBI Media platform to build remarkable brands and drive positive industry impact.”