VIDEO: Comedienne Lizzy Jay ‘Cries Out’ Over Blackmail On Her Leaked Nude

VIDEO: Comedienne Lizzy Jay Cries Out Over Blackmail On Her Leaked Private Video
Lizzy Jay

Barely a week after Moyo Lawal’s sex tape surfaced online, another Nollywood actress who doubles as a comedienne, Adeyela Adebola, popularly known as Lizzy Jay aka Omo Ibadan has bravely taken to social media to share her distressing encounter with a blackmailer threatening to release her private videos.

In a detailed 15-minute video, the actress recounted her harrowing experience, which began with a severe illness a few months ago that required medical attention. Prescribed antibiotics and opiods, she unfortunately experienced a severe adverse reaction to the medication, resulting in distressing symptoms like skin itching, rashes, and bleeding from a private area.

Fearing for her health, she reached out to a male friend who is a doctor, seeking his expertise. He requested a video of the affected area to better understand her condition.

Initially hesitant due to the personal nature of the request, Lizzy Jay decided to share a cropped video via Snapchat, only showing the relevant part. The doctor confirmed her adverse reaction to the medication and advised her to discontinue its use.

Recently, she was startled by comments on her page from an individual claiming to possess explicit videos of her, threatening to release them. The blackmailer used her previously hacked email address, which was linked to her social media accounts, to escalate the threats.

Determined not to succumb to blackmail, Lizzy Jay firmly refused to comply with the demands, vowing to use any funds intended for the blackmailer to track down their identity. She even identified the hacker’s Instagram account and vowed to bring them to justice.

VIDEO: Comedienne Lizzy Jay Cries Out Over Blackmail On Her Leaked Nude