Explore Timeless Tainan, as Seen in “Someday or One Day”

TAINAN, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 25 September 2023 – As the starting point of Taiwan’s history, Tainan is home to well-preserved historical sites and traditional culture. A wealth of historical value and anecdotes is to be found every step of the way. No wonder Tainan ranks, alongside Kyoto, Hoi An, Bangkok, and Seoul, as one of the top five must-visit cities to experience Asian traditional cultures. Furthermore, donning Tainan’s traditional attire (qipao) to immerse in its cultural and historical charms has become a memory cherished and shared by visitors from around the world. A trip to Tainan can easily evoke a sense of time travel, taking the visitor back to how the city has evolved over four centuries.