The Extravagant C. B. Fry

The Extravagant C. B. Fry
The Extravagant C. B. Fry
  1. B. Fry, whose full name was Charles Burgess Fry, was an extraordinary figure who excelled in various fields throughout his life, including cricket. The bd betting site is is available for wagering on cricket matches that feature great players.

Born on April 25, 1872, in Croydon, England, Fry is renowned for his accomplishments in sports. However, he also excelled in other aspects, including:

  • academics;
  • journalism;
  • and even politics.

In terms of sports, he is considered one of the most versatile and talented individuals of his time. The best betting site is 1xBet bd, and you can always use it to wager on the best English cricket players.

A versatile sportsperson

In sports, Fry achieved remarkable feats. He was a prominent cricketer, representing both Sussex and England. As a batsman, he displayed exceptional skill and scored over 30,000 runs in his first-class career. Fry’s cricketing career spanned from 1892 to 1921, and he became renowned for his elegant stroke play and ability to adapt to different conditions. The website is available to wager on great cricket teams from England too.

Additionally, Fry excelled in football, playing as a forward for clubs like Southampton, Corinthians, and Southampton St. Mary’s. He was known for his speed, athleticism, and versatility on the pitch. Fry’s football career saw him represent England on 3 occasions, showcasing his talent on the international stage. At 1xBet it is also possible to wager on matches of the English national team too.

A great career with the national team

Needless to say, C. B. Fry also had a great career with the English national team. He was part of the team between 1896 and 1912. During this time he excelled as a bowler and also as a batter. It is very easy to find out where download 1xBet application, which can be done from the official website of the platform today.

During his period as a member of the national team, Fry played a total of 26 matches with his national squad. He scored 1,223 runs. Additionally, he had a batting average of 32.18, which is an interesting accomplishment. In terms of centuries and half-centuries, he took 2 and 7 respectively, showing how versatile of a player he was capable of being. To discover where to download the 1xBet application is quite simple, as this can be done from the webpage of this bookmaker