inDrive Celebrates Heritage Month With A Unique South African Braai And Empowerment Session For Drivers

inDrive Celebrates Heritage Month With A Unique South African Braai And Empowerment Session For Drivers

This Heritage Month, inDrive hosted a special event that brought together drivers from across the nation for a traditional South African braai and an empowering “inDrive Ubuntu” session.

This gathering was an initiative aimed at fostering a deeper connection among drivers, while also equipping them with essential insights to boost their performance and earnings.

During the session, experienced drivers were provided with effective strategies to increase their earnings, while new drivers were given valuable tips on optimizing their performance on the road. More than just a training event, the session offered an open platform for drivers to voice their challenges and share their personal experiences – reinforcing the essence of community.

As Heritage Month draws to a close, it’s imperative to reflect on its significance. Heritage Day is not just a date on the calendar; it epitomizes the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of South Africa. The day serves as a vivid reminder for all South Africans to embrace the spirit of uBuntu (humanity) and foster love and unity. In a rapidly changing world, where it’s easy to proceed with business as usual, it’s crucial for businesses to incorporate these values at the heart of their operations.

inDrive is proud to be a pioneer of the name-your-price model in the ride-hailing industry. Not only does the company charge drivers a minimal commission—capped at just 10% of their earnings—but its unique “name-your-price” feature allows drivers to negotiate trip costs. This empowers drivers, enabling them to earn fairly and sustainably.

By putting the power in the hands of drivers, inDrive not only challenges existing industry norms but also reinforces the spirit of uBuntu, ensuring every ride is fair for both passengers and drivers.

Heritage Month offers a significant moment for us to pause and reflect on our shared identity and values. The spirit of uBuntu teaches us that ‘I am because we are,’ emphasizing the deep-rooted interconnectivity of our lives. At inDrive, we are not just about moving people from one place to another; we’re about building connections, nurturing communities, and creating empowering spaces for our drivers.

By celebrating our shared heritage, we’re embracing the essence of uBuntu, ensuring that our drivers don’t just earn but also grow within a community that truly values and recognizes their contributions,” commented Vincent Lilane, inDrive’s Business Development representative in Southern Africa.