Obi Cubana Launches ‘Enviable Transport’ To Rival LagRide, Uber, Bolt, Others Ride Hailing Services

Obi Cubana Launches 'Enviable Transport' To Rival LagRide, Uber, Bolt, Others Ride Hailing Services
Enviable Transport

Obinna Iyiegbu, also known as Obi Cubana has launched Enviable Transport, a new ride-hailing transport service in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, and heart of the Niger Delta region, BrandSpur Nigeria reports.

Speaking at a press conference Obi Cubana said that with a population of over three million residents, Port Harcourt is one of the most impressive cities in Nigeria that has gone through a very serious transformation.

He noted that every time he visits the city he marvels at the level of progress that can be said to have happened over the years.

“With this in mind, we have thought about how to make life more enjoyable and living more worthwhile for Port Harcourt residents. Most importantly, we have thought about how we can create new jobs and improve the economy of this very city, the garden city.

“Today, I am glad to announce that we birthed a new transport service that is local and that is relevant, and we are here with this new service to bridge an existing gap in urban transportation.

Obi Cubana Launches ‘Enviable Transport’

“This e-hailing service will deliver better services than any before it or that will come after because we have built this on deep-rooted innovations and technology

“I am particularly delighted to be unveiling and launching this latest project, the @enviable transport e-hailing services, in the company of friends and family!

“We intend to bridge the gap in modern-day transportation, while infusing discipline, integrity, class, security, and quality service delivery in the transportation business! I can assure you that all the cars will be brand new in 2023!

“With my partners, we have just changed the game over here and this we will extend to every city in Nigeria. This business is very local content-conscious. The drivers that will be hired will be sourced locally, to create jobs and empower young people.”

He stated that the launch in Port Harcourt signaled the first phase of the project, saying that all locally manufactured cars will be on the fleet “because our intention is also to showcase local capacity and indigenous innovation.”

Speaking further, Obi Cubana noted that the initiative was meant to provide local solutions to local logistics problems and his team was very conscious of the foreign exchange issues, hence they were focused on locally available resources and supports.

“Lastly, I want to assure you that Port Harcourt has been selected as the starting point and this service will be extended to Asaba, Enugu, and other states once the time is right and that will be very soon

“Again, while we are not competing with other foreign car-hailing service providers, we simply want to give Nigerians their own car-hailing service because we believe in homegrown businesses and solutions, and we also believe in exporting Nigerian innovation abroad to earn foreign exchange for the country just as I have done with other products and in other sectors,” he added.