Terra Cube’s Symphony Of Joy

Terra Cube’s Symphony Of Joy

In a world of culinary delights, where great taste and unique flavors are the notes and melodies, Terra Seasoning Cube has been the maestro.


The recently launched Terra Cube ‘Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste’ campaign has not only struck harmonious chord with consumers but has also caught the attention of Industry experts, winning the prestigious “Best Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023”. This symphony of joy in the seasoning category has left an indelible mark on both food aficionados and the industry at large.

So, what is the secret behind the success of this campaign? Let’s delve into the ingredients that have made it a recipe for consumer praise.

Central to the success of the campaign is Terra Cube’s commitment to delivering taste that goes beyond the ordinary. Consumers have praised the distinctive and delightful taste that Terra Cube brings to their dishes, transforming everyday meals into a masterpiece.

The campaign introduces a culinary experience that has become a talking point among consumers and food lovers. The act of unwrapping the seasoning cube has been elevated from a mere functional aspect to a delightful and enjoyable experience, enhancing the overall joy associated with Terra Cube.

The “Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste” campaign goes beyond being a marketing initiative; it is a narrative that resonates with consumers on a personal level. It portrays cooking as a creative and joyful process, transforming cooking from being a chore into a delightful experience.

The icing on the cake was the recent recognition at the Marketing Edge Brand Excellence Award, where Terra Cube’s ‘Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste’ campaign was honoured as the “Best Marketing Campaign of the Year, 2023.  This recognition adds a new layer of credibility to the campaign and validates its excellence.

Consumers from various walks of life have come forward to applaud the ‘Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste’ campaign and award. From home makers to culinary enthusiasts, the resonance with the campaign is palpable. The diverse voices in this chorus of praise highlight the universal appeal of Terra Cube’s marketing triumph.

A cross-section of consumers at the Ikeja City Mall, Lagos who spoke on the success of the campaign described its recent recognition at the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year as truly deserving. The commendation underscores the campaign’s broad and inclusive appeal as well as its positive impact on a wide range of consumers.

Maria Olatunji, a food enthusiast, stated “I am a foodie, and Terra Seasoning Cube has truly upped my culinary game. The ‘Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste’ campaign speaks to my heart. It’s more than just an advert; it’s an invitation to explore and experiment with taste and flavours. I am thrilled that the brand received the ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year’ award. It is well deserved!”

Joy Nwosu, a Chef said that as a Chef and social media food content creator, she was instantly drawn to the campaign’s vibrancy after seeing it across social media.

“As a family chef, I am always looking for ways to make meals exciting. Terra Cube has brought smiles to my customers faces, and I couldn’t be happier for the award the campaign received. It’s a well-deserved recognition for making our meals more joyful.” she added.

Lucky Erhabor, a Businessman noted that watching the campaign commercial on Television gladdens his heart. It is creativity at its peak and the award is deserving

Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group says the positive reviews and consumer feedback on the recent award are a testament to the campaign’s success in capturing the hearts and palates of consumers.

“We set out to create a campaign that not only showcased our product value but also connected with our audience at a deeper level. Winning the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year award validates our effort and motivates us to continue pushing boundaries in the seasoning cube category”, he said

He further reiterated that the campaign was creatively and carefully crafted to ensure that consumers realize that cooking doesn’t necessarily have to be a chore but a moment of joy and expression of creativity, while encouraging consumers to experience the sheer joy of cooking a tasteful meal with Terra Cube.

Deepanjan Roy, Group Executive Director – TGI says that the “Best Marketing Campaign of the Year 2023″ award adds another accolade to Terra Seasoning Cube’s growing list of achievements, cementing its position as the fastest-growing brand in the seasoning cube market.

As the culinary symphony of Terra Cube ‘Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste’ continues to play, one can only anticipate more joyous notes of taste and flavourful experiences from Terra Cube in kitchens.

Terra Seasoning Cube is made up of wholesome, carefully sourced essential ingredients specially designed to meet the discerning Nigerian consumers’ needs in every meal, offering great taste, flavour and aroma for that unique cuisine experience. Every meal cooked with Terra Cube guarantees an enjoyable meal and a rich signature homemade taste experience. Available in Beef, Chicken, Shrimp and Jollof flavours, in various consumer-friendly pack sizes nationwide.

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