Hainan Boao Hope City Pioneering Unique Medical Policies and Driving Collaboration with Denmark’s Biopharmaceutical Industry

HAINAN, CHINA – Media OutReach – 28 October 2023 – From 12th to 13th October, a delegation from Hainan Province, organised by the Hainan Provincial Government, visited Denmark for a series business events to attract investment and talents. During the events, the first and currently the only special medical zone in China, the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone(Boao Hope City) was featured at the Hainan Free Trade Port Lecheng Denmark Promotion Conference, the delegation also took the opportunity to visit some local pharmaceutical companies and relevant institutions in Denmark, sharing opportunities and showcasing the aspirations to achieve win-win cooperation.

During the event, the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone Administration, the Danish Life Science Cluster, and NLSP came together to sign a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement aims to foster deeper collaboration in various areas such as healthcare, chronic disease prevention and management, telemedicine, digital health, as well as the introduction of innovative drugs and medical devices.

Hainan the Boao Hope City(http://en.lecityhn.com/) has capitalised on the benefits of the “pilot zone” policy and the collaboration with international pharmaceutical and medical device companies. It has forged strong partnerships with more than 170 companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors from over 20 countries and regions. This collaborative effort has facilitated the introduction of over 350 urgently needed imported medical devices for clinical use. Additionally, leveraging the Boao Hope City’s real-world evidence-based clinical evaluation, twelve products have successfully obtained registration in the domestic market. As a result, the Boao Hope City has emerged as the primary gateway for international innovative pharmaceutical and medical devices to expedite their entry into the Chinese market.

Moving forward, the Boao Hope City will further enhance its commitment to openness and cooperation. It will strengthen collaborations with global pharmaceutical companies and exceptional expert teams, constantly introducing high-quality medical resources and advanced pharmaceuticals into the technologies from around the world. The aim is to expedite the entry of international innovative Chinese market, ultimately benefiting the general public. These efforts will also contribute to positioning the Hainan Free Trade Port as a leading hub for medical innovation in China.

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