SLUM KING Ep4 Preview: Is Imole Dead? Three Interesting Talk Points From Last Episode

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The third episode of Slum King left many questions to be answered, creating intense anticipation for the fourth episode of the intriguing crime thriller series. In case you missed episode three, you have to watch the replay and catch up for yourself!

Here are three thought provoking questions from the last episode

Will there be repercussions for the Prison break?

In this episode, it was revealed that Edafe had spent fifteen years in prison and he was sentenced to death after the conclusion of his trial. Edafe, was nicknamed Maje by the most feared inmate, who happens to have been the most feared thug in Oro lede, Imole.

Although Imole is grounded in prison, he still runs his operations in the slum community through a proxy, a former protege, Tequila. He, however, learns that Tequila has betrayed him by attempting to marry his fiancee and usurped his authority as the Slum King. While Maje grapples with the trauma of his past and imminent execution, he along with other inner caucus inmates were summoned by Imole for a strategy meeting on how to orchestrate a prison break.

They were able to execute their prison escape by orchestrating a melee. However, a prison warden lost his life in the process. Many are wondering if the prison break would have a repercussion for the masterminds namely Imole, Maje and Sapele Water.

Is Imole Dead?

Tequila had informed Imole in prison that he had made arrangements to marry Selense, even when the Baale had warned against doing so. The traditional wedding proceeded as planned, unknown to Tequila that Imole had escaped from prison.

To everyone’s surprise, the peaceful traditional marriage ceremony was interrupted by Imole and his jailbreaking entourage including Maje and Sapele water. Imole and Tequila exchanged words and revealed secrets about their drug dealing operations in Oro Lede community.

When the exchange got heated, Tequila took out a pistol and shot in Imole’s direction. Episode three ended at that scene, leaving many to wonder if the revered Imole is dead.

What does the future hold for Maje?

Maje is haunted by the memories of his teenage years. The ghosts of his deceased parents and grandmother still appear to him occasionally, causing him to crave death often. Now that he has left prison and he is back in Oro Lede, will he be forced to join the feared Alaiberu gang, the same group he rejected while he was a teenager? Will he be haunted by Dare’s family for killing their son?

The stage is set for an interesting fourth episode airing on Africa Magic Showcase (GOtv ch 12) on Sunday at 8pm. You can re-watch or catch up with the previous episode if you missed out at 7pm.

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