EcoFlow Launches Black Friday Deals 2023, Read Details Here

EcoFlow Launches Black Friday Deals 2023, Read Details Here
EcoFlow Launches Black Friday Deals 2023, Read Details Here

As South Africa anticipates the imminent summer season, EcoFlow takes pride in unveiling its highly anticipated Black Friday Deals ( for 2023.

As load shedding concerns resurface, EcoFlow’s exclusive offers, saving up to 47% on load shedding solutions, provide relief from power outages and ensure a constant supply of electricity when it’s needed most.

Historical Price Drops

EcoFlow’s Black Friday sale presents a golden opportunity to acquire cutting-edge power solutions at unbeatable prices. The highlight of this sale is undoubtedly the award-winning DELTA 2 (, EcoFlow’s flagship portable power station. Now, for a limited time, customers can enjoy an astounding 28% discount, making the DELTA 2 available for just R17999. That’s a remarkable R7000 in savings.

The DELTA 2 is a testament to cutting-edge power innovation, with the ability to expand its capacity from 1-3kWh, fully recharge in just 80 minutes, and deliver an impressive 1800W of rated power output. This performance can be elevated to a staggering 2400W with X-Boost, seamlessly powering up to 90% of household appliances, including microwaves, coffee machines, kettles, and hair dryers.

Turning to the versatile RIVER 2 Max

Equally enticing in this Black Friday extravaganza is the RIVER 2 Max (, EcoFlow’s versatile portable power station. The RIVER 2 Max enjoys an impressive 38% price reduction, now available at just R7999, providing customers with a significant R5000 saving.

With a substantial 512Wh battery capacity and a quick recharge time of as little as one hour, the RIVER 2 Max offers substantial power reserves. Boasting a 500W rated power output, expandable to 1000W with X-Boost, this unit efficiently caters to basic household and outdoor appliance needs, from powering TVs and game consoles to refrigerators.

Portable Power On-the-Go: RIVER 2

The RIVER 2 (, another member of EcoFlow’s product lineup, is equally appealing with a generous 43% price reduction. During this Black Friday sale, the RIVER 2 is available for only R3999, offering an attractive R3000 discount.

Compact yet powerful, the RIVER 2 features a high-capacity 256Wh battery and a rapid charging time of just one hour. With a 300W rated power output, expandable to 600W with X-Boost, RIVER 2 is perfect for essential electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, WiFi routers, cameras, and even televisions.

A Decade of Power Assurance

Both the DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 series offer peace of mind with their impressive battery life of 3000 cycles, guaranteeing a decade of reliable power. To further ensure product quality, EcoFlow extends a reassuring 5-year warranty on these exceptional units. Their on-site after-sales service team is dedicated to providing top-notch service to earn your trust.

Solar Panels: The Sustainable Energy Companion

For those looking to harness the power of the sun, EcoFlow offers substantial discounts on its Solar Panels ( Bundling with DELTA 2 or RIVER 2 Series, customers can enjoy savings of up to 47%. This unique pairing transforms portable power stations into sustainable Solar Generators (, allowing users to reduce their grid dependency and access a source of long-term, eco-friendly power for off-grid living.

EcoFlow’s Black Friday Deals will run throughout November, from November 1 to November 30. It’s an opportunity for customers to save up to 47%, maximum saving at R27999, on their favourite power solutions. Detailed information about the discounts and promotions can be found on the official EcoFlow website ( or the Takealot store (