Access Bank Server Down As Customers Express Frustrations Over Inability To Access Fund

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Access Bank

Access Bank, one of Nigeria’s prominent financial institutions as of the time of filing this report is having disruptive services as customers express discontent on social media.

A leading private security expert who vented his annoyance to newsrainng said he just got back to the country on Sunday and lodged in a hotel.

Sadly, he was embarrassed and frustrated when he found it difficult to pay with his mobile apps.

“I have been highly frustrated by Access Bank since yesterday and today. The hotel l lodged l could not pay them. Up until now my access bank app hasn’t opened this is terrible. They just sending useless apologies mail” he revealed.

Another customer who spoke expressed her frustration over her inability to get data through her access bank account and has to beg a friend to send money to a POS service provider close by so she can buy food to eat to quench her hunger.

Sadly, efforts by the Bank through its dedicated official channels to appeal to its numerous customers over the service disruption were met with anger, annoyance, and frustration.

The Disruption:

In an official release, Access Bank apologized stating that while they may experience some challenges while carrying out transactions on their channels, they should bear with them as they work swiftly to ensure stability of services across all platforms.

Interestingly, some of the customers called them out saying they were deprived of shame. A customer revealed that even Access is no longer Accessible as he almost mopped a salon yesterday.

Another customer recounted that she was at the hospital yesterday and couldn’t pay for drugs and has been unable to run some vital test.