Delta Global study reveals that two thirds of APAC luxury consumers would reduce their support of brands that don’t care about environmental sustainability

  • Gen Z consumers in APAC say they are willing to pay a 28% premium for luxury brands that prioritise sustainability initiatives
  • 93% of APAC luxury consumers are willing to support or spend more on luxury brands that actively promote and communicate their sustainability initiatives, yet close to one-third of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia consumers claim they lack sufficient knowledge about their favourite brands’ efforts in this domain
  • Luxury consumers in APAC ranked a brand’s values, real-world impact and sustainability initiatives on par with the brand name when making purchasing decisions

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 30 November 2023 – A recent survey commissioned by leading luxury and sustainable packaging specialist, Delta Global, shows that environmental awareness is on the rise and is increasingly impacting how consumers shop for luxury goods. The comprehensive study titled “Navigating a Greener Future” was conducted in August 2023 by HK-based market research firm inspiring-i and surveyed over 2,000 luxury consumers from Gen Z to Gen X (ages 18–55) across Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and mainland China. It delved into the impact of sustainability on luxury consumers’ purchasing behaviours – particularly among Gen Z and Millennials, who will emerge as the biggest luxury consumers by 2030[1].

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