Terra scores Golden Double With Best Campaign At Both ADVAN And LAIF Awards 2023

Terra scores Golden Double With Best Campaign At Both ADVAN And LAIF Awards 2023

In the realm of advertising, standing out amidst a sea of creative brilliance is an achievement pursued by many but attained by the truly exceptional.

For Terra Cube, the new kid on the block in the seasoning cubes market, the journey to clinching the most prestigious Grand Prix Award and the Best Campaign of the Year 2023, at LAIF Awards and ADVAN African Awards respectively across all brands and categories in Nigeria was not just a triumph but a testament to its unwavering dedication to redefining excellence.

Terra Cube’s marketing journey began around a year ago with a vision – a vision to disrupt, innovate, and captivate. Fueled by a passion for storytelling and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, the brand sought to create not just a winning advertising campaign but an experience that resonated deeply with audiences.

At the LAIF Awards, amidst a gathering of industry stalwarts and innovators, Terra Cube’s “Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste” campaign shone brightly. Judges and peers alike were captivated by its strategic brilliance, innovation, and the compelling narrative woven into every frame. The campaign wasn’t just about selling a product; it was a fascinating narrative that evoked emotions and sparked conversations, setting a new benchmark for creativity and impact.

The odyssey continued at the prestigious ADVAN Awards, where Terra Cube’s campaign again continued to mesmerize. Here, amongst an assembly of the industry’s finest, the brand’s campaign stood tall, drawing admiration for its originality, effectiveness, and ability to leave an indelible impression on its audience. It wasn’t merely an advertisement; it was an immersive journey that etched itself into the hearts and minds of all who have experienced it.

In an era where establishing a foothold and gaining recognition takes time, brand Terra’s meteoric rise and the string of accomplishments have captivated industry insiders and enthusiasts alike. Within this brief timeframe, the brand has not only secured numerous accolades but has also become synonymous with excellence.

The “Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste” television commercial ticks all the boxes for a milestone in advertising with its culinary orchestra, phenomenal storytelling, vibrant colour, enthralling graphics disruptive innovation, and very powerful impact.

It showcases a protagonist seamlessly turning mundane culinary chores into a joyful symphony with each sprinkle of Terra Cube, thereby marking an end to the erstwhile uninspired cooking experiences. By unwrapping the cube, she is ultimately unwrapping the joy from within herself, unleashing the exhilaration of great taste.

Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, stated that he was immensely proud to have achieved this record-breaking recognition for the Terra Seasoning Cube Campaign.

“Our commitment to innovation, creativity, and delivering unparalleled quality remains unwavering. As we celebrate these achievements as the best overall campaign for 2023 at the prestigious LAIF and ADVAN awards, we look ahead with enthusiasm, excited about the possibilities that the future holds for Terra Cube and the innovative contributions that we will continue to make within the industry” He said

As Terra Cube celebrates this historic win, the brand remains steadfast in its resolve to continue blazing trails, redefining the boundaries of creativity, and crafting narratives that will leave an enduring mark on the marketing and advertising landscape.

Terra Seasoning Cubes are made up of wholesome, carefully sourced essential ingredients specially designed to meet the discerning Nigerian consumers’ needs in every meal, offering great taste, flavour and aroma for that unique cuisine experience. Every meal cooked with Terra guarantees an enjoyable meal and a rich signature homemade taste experience. Available in Beef, Chicken, Shrimp and Jollof flavours, in various consumer-friendly pack sizes nationwide.

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