5 Reasons To Attend Invest In African Energy 2024

5 Reasons To Attend Invest In African Energy 2024
5 Reasons To Attend Invest In African Energy 2024

Returning to Paris next May for its second edition, Invest in African Energy (IAE) 2024 is an exclusive forum designed to foster collaboration between European investors and African energy markets.

Organized by Energy Capital & Power (ECP) with the support of the African Energy Chamber (AEC), the forum offers delegates two days of engagement with industry experts and policymakers from across Europe and Africa, creating a unique platform to accelerate sustainable energy solutions and pave the way for mutually beneficial partnerships. Below are the top five reasons to attend IAE 2024.

Network with Leading Industry Stakeholders

The IAE 2024 forum serves as an opportunity for European and African delegates to collaborate and discover new avenues for investment, with European parties accessing Africa’s most promising projects and African parties accessing foreign sources of capital and technology. Delegates can connect with top energy investors, executives from operators, IOCs, NOCs and Independents as well as government officials, industry innovators and financiers to expand their professional network.

Take Advantage of Key Partnerships

There has never been greater interest in Africa’s energy prospects, as Europe seeks alternative energy supplies following sanctioned Russian gas and global superpowers compete for Africa’s critical minerals to fuel the energy transition. European interest in Africa has been particularly strong in the fields of natural gas, renewables and hydrogen through initiatives like the Just Energy Transition Partnership and EU-Africa Green Energy Initiative. IAE 2024 helps firms and investors take advantage of intergovernmental partnerships to explore and tap into potential business growth opportunities.

Access Upcoming Projects

A key component of the forum is unparalleled access to upcoming projects and their specifications in Africa’s energy hotspots, focusing primarily on renewables, hydrogen, power generation and transmission, grid innovation, energy efficiency and energy storage solutions. As African markets seek technical and financial support for these industry-changing projects, stay ahead of the curve by attending IAE 2024 and keeping apprised of the latest Requests for Proposals, tenders, market trends, policies and regulations shaping the sector.

Utilize B2B Matchmaking Services

IAE 2024 will offer B2B and investor matchmaking services, aligning interested investors and service providers with project owners, operators and regulators. This is the sole event that unites players across Africa’s entire energy supply chain and facilitates one-on-one meetings, enabling participants to build new relationships and lead their own networking agendas. Utilizing the combined networks of ECP and the AEC, this service identifies and connects companies and individuals with common business interests, with a view to exchanging services, expertise and technology.

Share Your Expertise

The forum welcomes specialists, analysts, researchers and thought leaders across energy, trade, finance, policy and academic disciplines. As Africa seeks technical partners to carry out a wide range of projects, IAE 2024 serves as the ideal platform to bring together a wealth of knowledge and insights across sectors. Contribute to the advancement of the energy sector in Africa by bringing new perspectives and innovative solutions to Paris next May.