A New AI-powered, Creative Partner To Enhance PR And Marketing Campaigns

Daniel Wagnerius, CTO at Mynewsdesk | Louise Barnekow, CEO at Mynewsdesk

Today, Mynewsdesk takes its biggest step yet when it comes to reshaping the way people work with PR and earned media when AI is now integrated throughout the whole platform.


PR professionals can now get help with ideas for stories, create content, get matched with the right journalists, and measure their PR impact – all in one place, fully automated and AI-powered.

CoPilot is a creative partner, supporting communicators in everything they do. With the Idea Generator feature, users can effortlessly tap into a stream of tailored content suggestions that resonate with their brand’s identity. CoPilot also includes a sophisticated journalist matching feature, which analyses content to find the best journalists, ensuring that each message is directed toward the most receptive and relevant audience.


“AI is becoming the new standard, not only in PR, but in all industries. We understand that the rapid development of AI can be overwhelming”, says Louise Barnekow, CEO at Mynewsdesk. “With the release of CoPilot, we aim to simplify this complexity, providing a reliable, accessible, and collaborative AI solution that enhances the PR efforts of our users and help them create awareness, build trust and communicate about what matters to them”.


Key Features of CoPilot

  • Idea generation: CoPilot acts as a creative catalyst, sparking unique ideas for press releases and other content through AI analysis. It generates draft concepts and suggestions based on the user’s organisation, tailored to the audience’s interests and current trends, ensuring every piece of content has maximum resonance.
  • Optimised content creation: transition smoothly from ideation to content creation, with AI drafts embodying your brand’s unique voice.
  • Tailored journalist matching: CoPilot’s AI finds the best journalists for your news, ensuring your message reaches the right people.
  • Effortless reporting: measure your PR impact easily with real-time media coverage analysis and stay on top of how you are covered in the media.


“What is unique about CoPilot is that we enable a completely different way to personalise the support to each of our customers. By using AI-capabilities to create an understanding of the users and their company context, we are now able to craft ideas and create content that are not only innovative but also aligned with the company’s strategic communication objectives. This results in more impactful PR campaigns, and makes the job of communicators so much smoother”, says Daniel Wagnerius, CTO at Mynewsdesk.


All Mynewsdesk’s customers will have full access to CoPilot for free until the beginning of next year. During this time, Mynewsdesk will evaluate how customers are using the new features, and how the product is best packaged when the trial period is over. Due to Mynewsdesk’s large customer base, this will be one of the biggest AI-powered SaaS solutions out there, and through the release of CoPilot, Mynewsdesk is pushing the limits of how communicators can utilise AI in their daily work.