Citroën Oli Design Team Receives Three Car Design News People Awards 2023


Citroën has clinched three prestigious awards at the Car Design News People Awards 2023, held in London on December 7.


The prizes were bestowed upon the ground- breaking Citroën OLI concept, recognized for its innovative, sustainable and forward-thinking design. Organized by the Car Design News (CDN) People, which celebrates excellence in design across all facets of the process, they rewarded the Citroën Design Team in 3 categories: the Most Sustainable Design Team, the Best Interior Design Team, and the Best Exterior Design Team.

Citroën’s journey at the Car Design News People Awards 2023 began last July when the Citroën Design Team entered the OLI concept in three categories among 15: Best Exterior Design Team, Best Interior Design Team, and Most Sustainable Team.

Oli showcases a new design direction for Citroën. The design team prioritized functionality in creating a versatile vehicle with much space inside that adapts to various roles, from a family limo to an urban explorer or a work companion. OLI’s design emphasizes low weight, high strength, and durability, featuring a flat bonnet, roof, and rear ‘pick-up bed’ panels. The vertical windscreen minimizes glass usage, reducing weight and sun exposure. Identical and lightweight front doors enhance efficiency. OLI introduces the new Citroën badge, reminiscent of the 1919 logo, with distinctive front and rear lighting modules that were to gradually become part of future production models. The design seamlessly integrates form and function, offering adaptability and efficiency across diverse scenarios.

Oli targets “best-in-class” life cycle assessment and offers then an innovative take on the future of electric mobility. Designed to challenge the status quo through the use of recyclable materials, and less complicated production processes, Oli represents all the inventiveness and creativity that Citroën is famous for.

The seats are for example simply constructed and are made of 80% fewer parts than a traditional seat and of recycled materials. Its concept tyres are estimated to last up to 500,000 km throughout their life, thanks to a sustainable carcass and tread that can be renewed twice across its lifetime.

The number of components required for the doors and seats is reduced to simplify production processes and reduce weight.

The innovative use of responsible, lightweight and recycled materials as well as a sustainable simplified production process illustrate how Oli is designed with the lowest possible impact on the environment while meeting the needs of multiple lifestyles.

Its design characteristics propelled Citroën onto the shortlist, up to the awards ceremony in London on December 7, where the Citroën Design Team, represented by Pierre LECLERCQ, Citroën Design Director, Pierre SABAS, Concept Cars Designer, and Raphael DOUKHAN, Exterior Designer, received the Most Sustainable Design Team Award, the Best Interior Design Team Award and the Best Exterior Design Team Award.

I am very pleased to receive these three prestigious awards for the OLI concept, on behalf of the Citroën design team. This recognition testifies the unwavering dedication and ingenuity of our design team. At Citroën, we have always been at the forefront of innovation, and these reaffirm our commitment to sustainable and forward-thinking design. The OLI concept not only showcases our vision for the future mobility but also our team’s prowess in creating versatile and efficient vehicles,” said Pierre LECLERCQ, Head of Citroën Design.