No Gree For Boredom: Maximise Your Viewing With GOtv’s Step-Up

No Gree For Boredom: Maximise Your Viewing With GOtv's Step-Up

When it comes to entertaining and educative programmes for the whole family, GOtv embodies the spirit of the unofficial theme of the year; “No gree for anybody.” This quarter, GOtv offers its subscribers an array of premium entertainment options.

Alongside the premium content, GOtv also introduced the Step Up offer, allowing customers to enjoy a higher package while paying less. Customers who upgrade to a package higher than their current package will automatically enjoy a complimentary upgrade to the next tier. For instance, if you’re a Max subscriber and decide to step up to Supa, you’ll instantly be upgraded to Supa+. So, you can enjoy all the premium content showing on Supa+ while paying Supa subscription.

Here is a summary of what GOtv customers stand to enjoy this January.

The new year kicked off with GOtv introducing new shows such as the captivating and insightful series Checkout, an exclusive drama series that shows the behind-the-scenes glimpse of beloved stores, and the much-anticipated fourth season of Unmarried, a tale chronicling the journey of three friends through the complexities of love and life on Africa Magic Urban GOtv ch 8

Local series also took center stage, showcasing the richness of our cultural diversity. The Arewa Game Show is a dynamic and thrilling Hausa game show, offering viewers a unique and entertaining experience on Africa Magic Hausa GOtv ch 3, Kadara the story of a driven and ambitious young man on a quest for wealth in the bustling city of Lagos on Africa Magic Yoruba GOtv ch 2. Nwunye Bekee, a curation of heart-warming cross-cultural love stories of Igbo men and their ‘Oyibo’ wives on Africa Magic Igbo GOtv ch 4

In addition to these, premium sporting content, including the Premier League and the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), has further taken the entertainment experience for subscribers up a notch. And now, with the enticing STEP UP offer, subscribers have the perfect chance to continue enjoying premium content even after the conclusion of the tier-down offer, which allowed GOtv Supa+ customers access to the premium AM Showcase channel.

As the tier-down promotion concludes, the Step-Up offer becomes a fantastic opportunity for subscribers to not only maintain their premium access but also to take their entertainment to new heights. To take advantage of this offer, download the MyGOtvApp or dial *288# to Step Up, upgrade, renew your subscription, and stay connected.