Remote Jobs: Work From Anywhere In These 10 Companies And Earn More than $100,000

Remote Jobs: Work From Anywhere In These 10 Companies - Earn More than $100,000
Remote Jobs: Work From Anywhere In These 10 Companies - Earn More than $100,000

If you want to work from home — or anywhere in the world — consider a career in accounting, technology or graphic design.

Even as more companies pull back on flexibility, employers in these fields are doubling down on their commitment to a workplace model without mandatory office attendance or location requirements for workers, according to new research from FlexJobs.

Companies in the marketing, education and gaming sectors are also hiring for more remote, flexible roles, FlexJobs lead career expert Toni Frana tells CNBC Make It.

FlexJobs has identified the top companies hiring for work-from-anywhere jobs in 2024 by analyzing its database and seeing which companies had the highest volume of remote, location-flexible job postings between January and December 2023.

In a work-from-anywhere job, employees are 100% remote, independent of location or time zone.

All of the companies included in FlexJobs’ ranking offer full-time or part-time remote jobs that don’t have a location restriction and require no time in the office. Here are 10 companies with a high volume of work-from-anywhere job postings (see the full list here):

  1. FluentU
  2. Static Media
  3. Kraken
  4. Chainlink Labs
  5. Veeva
  6. Invisible Technologies
  7. Wikimedia Foundation
  8. Finixio
  9. Oyster HR
  10. Canonical

The most noticeable change in the remote work landscape over the past year has been the slight uptick in companies actively recruiting for work-from-anywhere positions, says Frana.

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Sixteen new companies are included on FlexJobs’ linking this year, while other employers mentioned in the report, including Chainlink Labs and the Wikimedia Foundation, have consistently hired for remote, flexible jobs in recent years — and are among the strongest bets for work-from-anywhere opportunities in 2024, Frana adds.

Many work-from-anywhere jobs offer salaries well over $100,000. For example, a job ad for a director of engineering at the Wikimedia Foundation lists a salary range of $167,046-$260,066. An ad for a senior product manager at Invisible Technologies comes with a base pay of $170,000.

If you’re hoping to land a “work from anywhere” job, Frana recommends using keywords such as “time zone independent,” “distributed team” and “digital nomad” in your search, as these phrases are commonly used in job descriptions to distinguish work-from-anywhere roles from remote roles that have location restrictions.

She also suggests networking with current employees at the companies you’re applying to before applying to build rapport and either ask for a referral or the hiring manager’s contact information so you can follow up on your application with a personal note.

Since the start of the pandemic, “we’ve seen a huge increase in job seekers looking at work-from-anywhere jobs on FlexJobs, and that’s hardly died down,” Frana adds. “One key to standing out, and landing these kinds of roles, is making that personal connection.”