African Healthtech My 1Health Connects Patients With Global Healthcare Expertise


Between 2011 and 2019, life expectancy across sub-Saharan Africa rose from 57.56 to 61.24 years. While there was a slight dip at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, that rise is pretty remarkable.

Even more remarkable is the fact that life expectancy in the region was just 50 at the turn of the millennium. While there are numerous factors behind that rise, economic growth and improved disease prevention and treatment are among the most notable.


The former has ensured that a growing proportion of Africans have access to the basic infrastructure, like clean drinking water, that is so important to our overall health. The latter, meanwhile, means that diseases such as HIV/Aids, Malaria, and Tuberculosis are no longer as deadly as they once were (particularly to young people). Even with those advances, however, Africa still faces significant healthcare challenges. According to a 2021 report,  close to half of Africans still don’t have access to the healthcare they need. And even when they do have access, attaining that healthcare can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating. You only need to look at the queues at hospitals and clinics to see exactly how painful it can be.


One company, however, is trying to eliminate at least some of those frustrations, not just for Africans but for people around the globe. Founded in Nairobi, Kenya in 2018, My 1Health is a medical facilitator that’s dedicated to giving ordinary Africans access to specialised healthcare services globally. Beyond simply connecting people with healthcare expertise, My 1Health allows users to request emergency medical evacuations, have their cases reviewed by leading specialists, and receive tailored health packages to detect critical conditions or diseases early.


Additionally, it can assist with visa applications and facilitate airport transfers, hotel bookings, travel itineraries, and post-treatment follow-ups. Anyone who’s ever sought treatment in another city, never mind country, knows how difficult organising all of those things can be when you try and do them on your own.


According to Ephraim Mwangi, Head of Growth Marketing at My1Health, the products and services offered by the company have evolved but have always been wedded to its central vision.


“The goal was to create a platform that simplifies patients’ access to global healthcare services, irrespective of location,” he says. “Recognising the increasing demand for specialised services, our journey has been dedicated to expanding our services globally.”


“Providing multiple solutions is integral to enhancing user experience, ensuring accessibility through our smartphone app and web interface,” he adds. “Our commitment to refining and evolving our offerings reflects our dedication to global impact in the specialised healthcare industry.”


According to Mwangi, a key moment in My 1Health achieving this vision was the merger of International Medical Treatment Ltd and My Health Africa, resulting in a unified platform.


“This merger positioned us as global leaders in medical facilitation, constantly seeking new partnerships to fortify our presence worldwide,” he says. “By uniting the best of both worlds, the merger unlocked exponential opportunities. Our expanded network of 1 500+ doctors, 100+ hospitals, and a global reach has enabled over 40,000+ medical journeys.”


Ultimately, this means that patients have a greater level of choice than they would if they were restricted to their hometowns, cities, and countries.


“We empower patients with choice, offering local care when available and seamlessly connecting them with top global experts when needed,” says Mwangi. “This dual approach bridges the specialist gap while expanding options, ensuring everyone receives the best possible care, regardless of geographical constraints.”


According to Mwangi, the fact that My 1Health has been able to achieve everything it has is in no small part down to the way healthcare professionals have embraced the platform.


“My 1Health’s offerings have been embraced by doctors and healthcare workers,” he says. “We continue to forge strategic partnerships with hospitals and clinics, integrating seamlessly into existing workflows and empowering local healthcare teams.”


The My 1Health team has, of course, worked hard to ensure that it is a platform they can embrace.


“We have developed a collaborative approach that fosters trust and adoption, driving sustainable growth and ensuring healthcare professionals see My 1Health as a valuable tool, not just another platform,” he says.


Getting to this point has not, of course, come without its own set of challenges.


“My 1Health has navigated numerous challenges, including language barriers and market competition,” says Mwangi, adding that the company’s focus on technology and facilitation services has helped it address these challenges head-on.


Going forward, My 1Health plans to expand its global footprint to even more markets.


“My 1Health is committed to global expansion, with plans to extend to the Middle East and South Asia this year,” says Mwangi. “We’re excited about bringing our platform to new markets, and we aim to be the global leader in medical facilitation services through technology, patient-centricity, and strategic partnerships.”


Despite the very clear challenges faced by African healthcare, it has also been home to many pioneering medical innovations and procedures, such as the first heart transplant, middle ear transplant, and the world’s first successful intraocular lens implantation for cataract surgery. It’s also where critical technologies like the CT Scan were developed.


Could My 1Health build on that spirit of innovation to help ensure that anyone can access the healthcare they need, no matter where they are in the world? Given what it’s achieved so far, you’d be hard-pressed to bet against it, at least playing an important part in that revolution.