PalmPay Issues Final Notice To Users To Link Their NIN, BVN

How To Link Your BVN, NIN On PalmPay App
How To Link Your BVN, NIN On PalmPay App

Leading fintech company PalmPay has issued a final notice to its users to update their account with their National Identification Number (NIN) or Bank Verification Number (BVN) to prevent their PalmPay account from being restricted.

Ahead of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) deadline for account upgrade, PalmPay told its users that effective March 1, 2024, all accounts not linked to a NIN or BVN “will not be able to carry out transactions on the PalmPay App.”

In a statement issued to its users, PalmPay said that for its users to continue enjoying its services, they should “link their NIN or BVN to their PalmPay account, and call +234 2018886888 or email [email protected]” for assistance.

How to link your NIN/BVN on the PalmPay App
To personally upgrade their account KYC level using their BVN or NIN, PalmPay users can also log into their app and follow the simple steps below:

1. Click on your profile and access your KYC Levels.
2. Click on “Upgrade” at the bottom of the page showing your account KYC level.
3. Fill out the form with your correct details and submit it for verification.