Africa Takes Centre Stage As The Gender Hub For Mainstreaming Success

Africa Takes Centre Stage As The Gender Hub For Mainstreaming Success
Africa Takes Centre Stage As The Gender Hub For Mainstreaming Success

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards, a powerful indicator of progress towards gender mainstreaming in the corporate world, proudly returns for its 12th event across Africa. Developed by Business Engage (, these awards inspire private corporates to champion gender mainstreaming as a strategic imperative. The Awards also recognise individuals who are contributing to this success.

This year, in collaboration with Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), RCL FOODS, AECI, Assupol and Rand Merchant Bank, the 2024 Gender Mainstreaming Awards are set to elevate Africa as the focal point of gender mainstreaming success.

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards, held annually, honour those who have made tangible contributions to gender mainstreaming. The winners and finalists have consistently demonstrated their unwavering commitment to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the African business arena.

The JSE, RCL Foods, AECI, Assupol and Rand Merchant Bank in partnership with Business Engage invite you to participate in the celebration of gender mainstreaming by nominating outstanding individuals and corporates for the 12th Gender Mainstreaming Awards, scheduled for 31 October 2024. Entries are open to corporates and individuals across various categories, reflecting the diversity of your company’s commitment to gender mainstreaming. For more information, visit

Vuyo Lee, Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at the JSE, stresses, “As a key contributor to the functioning of the South African economy, at the JSE, we believe that promoting gender equality is not only a moral imperative; it is an economic necessity. By recognising and celebrating the efforts and achievements of companies that prioritise gender equality, the Gender Mainstreaming Awards promote principles of inclusivity, diversity, and representation, ultimately fostering sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity”.

Tasmin Coleman, HR Director: Diversity and Inclusion, Growth and Groceries & Spreads commented. “We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s 12th Africa Gender Mainstreaming Awards, celebrating individuals and corporates who have made a tangible impact on achieving Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Aligned with our purpose of “Growing what Matters,” RCL FOODS is committed to advancing gender empowerment through various initiatives within our organization. Our commitment extends to improving gender representation at leadership levels and fostering a culture that is both diverse and inclusive for all”.

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards extend their reach across East, West, and Southern Africa, crowning an overall Africa Champion. In 2023, simultaneous in-person events across different African regions showcased the Awards’ growing influence, with thousands of attendees celebrating gender mainstreaming success. This continental approach aims to position Africa as the gender hub for exporting stories of gender mainstreaming to the world.

AECI’s Group Chief People Officer, Khabonina Ramoupi, added “As part of our ongoing commitment to gender equality and inclusion, AECI is proud to announce our partnership with Business Engage. This sponsorship reflects our dedication to advancing gender mainstreaming in our organization, our industry and beyond. Gender mainstreaming is a key focus for our Sustainability journey and enables us to build a more diverse, robust workforce for a more peaceful, prosperous sustainable future. We are excited to be part of the annual Gender Mainstreaming Awards and look forward to the positive impact it will have on advancing gender equality”.

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards comprise 9 private sector categories for corporates, highlighting achievements in areas like board representation, workplace empowerment, disability, entrepreneurship, disability, and community engagement. There are also three individual categories, the Inclusive Leader Award, Positive Role Model and RMB’s Africa’s Fearless Thinker Awards.

“Diversity has become a critical differentiator and an essential part of providing excellent service, not matter what sector you operate in. Cultivating an environment in which gender inclusivity is intrinsic in everything we do is key, and it is important to acknowledge the role that all genders play in successful business,” says Nana Phiri, Head: Corporate Client Group at RMB.

Bridget Mokwena-Halala, CEO of Assupol, highlights the importance of gender equality in all spheres of corporate. “Assupol is a big supporter of gender equality and actively promotes diversity in the workplace. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities and be treated fairly, regardless of their gender or background. This is why we are proud to be involved in the 2024 Gender Mainstreaming Awards which recognise organisations that prioritise inclusivity and gender equality in their operations.”

As we continue the journey of gender mainstreaming, Colleen Larsen of Business Engage asserts, “We believe the best way to influence change is to strengthen and grow the current conversation, then couple that with deliberate actions.”